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RT @moistseulgi: bitches still saying rv are flops. okay lets say theyre flops but atleast theyre flops that can SING
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RT @NelleMarche: Lui è Patrick kilonzo mwalua. Ma tutti lo conoscono come water man "l'uomo dell'acqua" ogni giorno con la sua ciste…
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RT @SDPYorksHumber: Social Democrats would abolish the, “managed zone” in Leeds - we believe in enforcing the law not turning a blind e…
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They playing zone.
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RT @ashlaurenn_: Fan zone? Looks like a scene out of Chernobyl
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RT @IraHeatBeat: Heat in a comfort zone, and they aren’t going anywhere.
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RT @DSACostanza: I like this thread because he makes a completely accurate guess of the content because all bad sonic takes are fuck…
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#Syrie un responsable d’#HTS affirme qu’une des personnes visées par la frappe de drone en zone sous contrôle turc…
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I thought the ball had to be catchable for a PI? Josh Allen threw that ball out of the back of the end zone with Cole Beasley 15 yards away?
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RT @BiafraHouse: More Great News from Ebonyi! #IPOB #Abakaliki Provinces TODAY 8/12/2019 Inaugurated Amachara Family Zone in Izzi LG…
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NFL Red Zone fire this week every game is lit 🔥
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@jeffzrebiec Jeff, it looked like that ball was out of the end zone. I do not get it.
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RT @KaarnakLeGrand: Les plus grande arnaque de l’année - attaque zone 51 - mario kart mobile - grève 5 décembre
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I understand that was a clear OPI by the Ravens but the penalty happened on the 20 and the ball ended int he end zo…
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Che sfacelo! Questa feccia ha peggiorato il degrado di zone povere nel napoletano #nonelarena
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Having a nigga that’s in a whole different time zone is hell. 😩
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RT @UsmanAKBuzdar: We will inaugurate Allama Iqbal Industrial City, Punjab's first Economic Zone (SEZ) under #CPEC, on 26th December I…
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RT @NelleMarche: Lui è Patrick kilonzo mwalua. Ma tutti lo conoscono come water man "l'uomo dell'acqua" ogni giorno con la sua ciste…
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RT @HoltonBarb: @BarbMcQuade Trump is so screwed up, in his approach and thinking. How can anyone sincerely believe that Rudy is th…
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RT @davduf: Comme me le dit un CRS : « Si les autorités civiles s'y mettent maintenant... Avec leur écharpe, ils représentent l…
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