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"breaking news: a ziplock bag full of wood screws wins man booker prize" goddammit
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today i am as good a writer as a ziplock bag full of wood screws
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@ThisAintMar @SyzygyAlliance @smallcrobarr @Dewy413 @iris2k @JessSoSoft yo mar ur shot is tighter than...a ziplock baggie 🤪
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RT @L0_0ney: @AirCanada ↪Beware: Balding man at YYZ @GTAAONLINE @TorontoPearson Air Canada Rouge, Terminal 1 screening area is…
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Weed friends, what kind of bags do you use to clean your pieces? I usually take a ziplock and fill it with salt an…
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Notice: Low calorie candy should always be stored in the refrigerator, covered, for up to 1 week. Any longer and…
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zach wilson is a ziplock bag of expired chinese food
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@Tinoladobo Easy peasy, it will work for sure. I could just eat it straight. I’d freeze in ziplock bags in portions…
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Really was bouto get in my ziplock last night… then boom. Shut down 😬
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Everytime I hit West Oakland (which is maybe 2 to 3 times a week) I always play Ziplock by @sabaPIVOT immediately.…
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@emmettdoog My guys are the same….I think it’s more the ziplock bad opening and the food is a bonus😂😂😂
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programador dart/flutter é um ziplock
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Just seen a woman in town talking to her phone while on speaker. She was wearing rubber gloves and her phone was in…
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Macoia é bão demais. Já tenho uns 100g só de sementes. Cada ziplock é um tipo diferente das macoias que fumei. De c…
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movie at moma? hold on lemme put my phone in a ziplock, grab a bag of sun chips, and a space blanket
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I remember one time I got in trouble bc my cat actually pissed on my homework and the teacher wanted proof so the n…
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@Duugongue You know what you won't go to prison for? Make a fake company (HighAF organic herbs), and in a Ziplock b…
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RT @Nolamama69: @_no_funeral @thetomzone “I’ve filled a ziplock baggie with cream of mushroom soup and pretended it’s a boob so I K…
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@tinytattooer I gotchu 😤 I also used to freeze mine overnight with ziplock bags of water to expand them before I’d…
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