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RT @_illxxst: Once I like you, I love you & I’ll beat yo ass bout my feelings.
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RT @Fiorella_im: Bernie Fuck No, Biden is not “a decent man.” I said when the time came & you endorsed him, we would part ways. I’ll…
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RT @itsJeffTiedrich: Joe Biden was not my first choice. he was not my seventh choice. he was not my sixteenth choice. but you're goddamn…
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RT @fiyylicious: Hai i nak cari kawan twitter jugakla so rt this and i'll follow you nanti followback ye 🥺
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RT @jeffwellz: The way you guys are talking, the girls will always lie to you about their body count and their sexual history. You…
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RT @bunnykjm_: Hi guys!! Please drop your messages here for EXO or Chen!! I’ll post them in the ace comments! You may add chen pictures or OT9 pictures! ❤️
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RT @Gemini: On Monday we announced the upcoming support for Basic Attention Token $BAT and have three more #listing announcemen…
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RT @damienxpat: Trans people aren’t obligated to tell you if they’re trans
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Baby long as you're not with me, you'll always be alone🎶
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Anyway this is the closest you'll get to having a zoom call with niall and his friends and you just stay quiet all…
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RT @Pappiness: The Presidency is more than one person. You don't like Biden? Fine. But how do you feel about Trump's cabinet? Wo…
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RT @nancy_waithaka: Mercenaries let's be strategic here. Make sure you retweet all blogs that posts anything about our new show. Be it…
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@viamarkism We’re glad you reached out to let us know. Join us in DM when you have a moment, and we’ll look into th…
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@wallstreetelix5 Another green day tomorrow and you'll 100% for this week :-D
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RT @AmyDentata: @JoeBiden “I hope you’ll join us.” Join what? Business as usual? No thanks. You are, at best, a slightly less compromised opponent.
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RT @NeedforSpeed: If you don't have #NFSHeat and would like to play, add one of these to your reply: 🚓 PC Origin 🚗 Xbox One 🚁 (add: E…
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WHO chief to Trump: There'll be more body bags if you politicise coronavirus crisis
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RT @Fah_Lo_Me: The Bernie Bots & Trolls are out in full force. Don’t get caught up! If you look at their profiles you’ll see that…
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RT @MichelleObama: On this #WorldHealthDay, I want to thank all the healthcare workers on the frontlines who have been risking their l…
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You'll know when the time is right!
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