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RT @_dieko_: Lmfaoooooooo What’s more to feminism than gender equality? Most of y’all hate men just because some guy once broke…
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RT @iamsheajenkins: I’m not even a fan of Kathy Griffin but haven’t y’all bothered that lady enough. Your president is a full blown di…
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RT @craziforlife: We’ve been seeing pics/videos of Black people being beaten for years. White supremacy still exists. So I’m not with…
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RT @Nrt36_: tweeting this since y’all don’t know how to act or think critically
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RT @prettybr0wnkate: Y’all be in love with lames lol
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RT @Brieyonce: Lost her dog, job and BANNED from Central Park. What a rough 48 hours. Anyway what y’all having for dinner?
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RT @brokebackboys: stop calling them Karens and just say white supremacists, y'all being too nice
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RT @freebricknelle: Everyday it’s “y’all not hustling during this pandemic?” Man shut the fuck up. People are dying. People are depress…
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@This_Kate Y'all need to improvise, be that band
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RT @AstuantaNiang: this is sending me “the cutest boys were arrested” how are y’all romanticizing kids getting arrested for drug posse…
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Niggas be getting murdered ON CAMERA and the worst thing that happens is that they get fired fuck y’all
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RT @waifulix: if you invalidate chns emotions to defend wooj, that’s gross. if you use chns emotions to send hate to wooj, you’re…
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RT @skyandmustard: So y’all telling me,, offgun left off’s condo together, off drove gun to the office for babybright live, off waited…
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RT @awmork: fizi goes to jahanam y'all
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RT @_dieko_: Y’all annoyed at this tweet saying he’s ignorant in the quoted replies and doesn’t know the meaning of feminism. Ff…
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RT @awmork: fizi goes to jahanam y'all
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“Why y’all got popsicles?” 🤣🤣🥴
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RT @voixdefleur: Y’all’s favs would be NOTHING in the west without the crumbs BTS & ARMY’s were kind enough to leave behind for them…
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RT @awmork: fizi goes to jahanam y'all
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i was cryin cos all men wanna do is fuck me n yall made it worse by sayin men will fuck anything fuck y’all fr
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