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RT @__Tessssssaaa: Real talk: my mother never down talked my dad she never made me hate him or like him I decided that shit on my own.…
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y’all really have been sleeping on me these past years but i’m proving y’all wrong
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RT @DianeRusset: Good morning Fanmily 💕 Please guys I need y’all to subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch my previous videos 🙏🏽.…
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RT @VisualsByDevin: y’all ever just piss yourself off? cause like same. i’m a fucking idiot
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RT @skipskip__: People be like “you mad because I’m busy “ ...... no I’m mad b/c it’s 2019 and you don’t know how to communicate it…
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RT @feedmepotatoes: Y'all: Rod Wave is 19. Me:
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RT @Tife_fabunmi: Twitter E-feminists never cease to suprise me. Pastor Wilson’s video was leaked, many of you dragged him and forgot…
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RT @DiviyaDarshini: Hello dearest Bird app family, I humbly request y'all to help your girl out. I launched a skincare line a couple mo…
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RT @AaliiyahA: My only issue with this E*dna Manl*y debacle is that y’all weren’t so pressed about the Sexual Harassment/Assault a…
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RT @amourjeon: It’s like the only way some ppl can take bts seriously is if their dressed down in some dark, sexy look like they’r…
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RT @bpinkenthusiast: y’all rosé did it again 😂
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RT @yungburito: You wanna know why y’all don’t like trifle? Bc your ouma doesn’t know how to make it properly
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RT @cloudhashira: idk bout y'all but these three is one of the most beautiful manga panels i've ever seen
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RT @Clan_Clueless: Not making it a compulsory thing for y’all but dating someone who has money would make your life a whoooooole lot e…
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RT @morgaiins: Big THANK YOU to all those who came by the stream tonight! Really loved the engagement and it was fun chatting with…
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RT @heyhaechan: Mark Lee didn't 'Uh, you think ya big boi, throwing three stacks I'ma show you how to ball, you a mismatch Opiniona…
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RT @drummerBdowoon: DAY6 Youth Concert 2018 vs DAY6 Gravity Concert 2019. I am my own worst critic when it comes to my photos but I’m j…
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RT @THEEDeezumaki: It’s 2am and I made a sub voice version to accompany my dub voices. I will be sleeping but y’all can hear me be a w…
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RT @BestVideosviral: What y’all naming this dog? 👀
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