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RT @Kerruhh_: “Yeah, I’m coming. I know y’all wanna eat right? ….FOR YOUR GLORY!”
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@SimsSlabz @JMG19801 @fan_mcgee @dannykanell There is just so much you know was done but not 100% came out. We're…
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Sooo... y'all don't know how to float on y'all backs...? Or doggy paddle?
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RT @dimashify: 🔸+80 monthly listeners 🔸+5394 streams for #FlyAway 🔸+2685 streams for #BeWithMe 🔸+42 followers Streaming an arti…
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RT @JayT23: Y’all know EXACTLY what to do ‼️‼️
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@btssimp_ @jungkooksimps I've been curious for the longest time. And now I know thanks to University of Google. App…
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En I Know I´m Funny haha, el más reciente disco de @fayerwayer, se puede apreciar una madurez propia de quien nació…
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RT @chubbymolala: Idc if u get mad at this. But some are getting extremely tired, creating hundreds of accounts to vote & the others…
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RT @wasthatcalled4: So starting today or Jan 2022 can y’all stop bashing straight black men? I know that’s the only way most of y’all get interaction on here.
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really don’t knwo how i feel abt this but hey y’know
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@_jaylahnicole when a nigga know what he doing, move smart, & can handle his business he not worried about where he…
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RT @stayvax: Me duele saber que bangchan dijo "vamos a tener un daesang solo si lo merecemos", bangchan ustedes se merecen todo,…
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mi talento es gastar dinero y arrepentirme de absolutamente nada, y'all don't know the audacity
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RT @JayT23: Y’all know EXACTLY what to do ‼️‼️
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RT @KingAmiyahScott: All jokes aside, I love the fact that I’ve been so open about my transition that 1) y’all know I’m playing 2) y’al…
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I know she had to Nuke this tweet and do a mass block on y’all cause this too much
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RT @linajin4u: persona que hizo ese edit del aotm de Lee Know te voy a encontrar y me voy a comer a tus mascotas
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Y’all don’t know how to have HOWS because you don’t ask em this shit. Matter a fact you don’t ask shit. 🤣
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RT @UgwunnaEjikem: I see a bunch of babes in the Qts gnashing their teeth over this lmao Don’t know if it’s selfishness or foolishnes…
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