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i will never not be fun if it had good writing
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Daily Writing Prompt #38 #amwriting #writingprompt
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@whatthekasim Tbh if they put out a 12 track or less album, with some good producers, and they really put effort in…
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@OHHHHCAP idk skdjsjjd i am just so used to writing both the name and the year
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RT @stdennard: I've been quiet on Twitter lately, in case anyone has missed my ANGRY YELLING about the p-word. After two weeks of…
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@DDayCobra I doubt she'd my a good sandwich much like her writing very bitter and uninteresting
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RT @AkiSchilz: @FMelroseWriter I wrote a blog about this, and I think the clue's in the word. It's being able to separate writing…
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@EmperorOfIncels if only leon got as much writing as she did
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RT @lydiablythx: Writing ‘hahaha’ in every single message is actually a full on problem I have and I don’t know how to stop
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it’s just occurred to me that the govt writing of the NHS’ “debt” is only the start to its privatisation, we’re actually fucked you know 😂
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RT @WhoresofYore: Hi Twitter! Let me introduce you to Gracey. Gracey is a sex worker who has just started writing about it. Her voice…
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RT @Kaypoisson1: Manifest vrs Sarkodie hit songs😂 Manifest play God MC finish norr he go start dey teach academic writing for IG live
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RT @Ali1_0: Need to find the author of these Whatsapp conspiracies n give em a creative writing award
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Of course there's a few Formspring questions and answers, lots and lots of people 'fraping' my wall and vice versa,…
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RT @ThePubliusUSA: Writing a novel about a fatal global pandemic, you could not craft a character so inept, incompetent, unintelligibl…
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Jess Kidd's Things in Jars is utterly wonderful. Her best yet. @JessKiddHerself please say you're writing your next!!
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RT @_emilypenman: There’s no magic money tree but Matt Hancock has just announced he’s writing off £13 billion worth of NHS debt. Cor…
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In honor of National Poetry Month, this is the first poem I ever wrote. I was in 5th gr. and kept writing and recit…
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@trendafiljote "hi trendafil wir kennen uns erst seit kurzem ein bisschen, komm lass uns das lowkey ändern den näch…
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RT @NourWrites: @NaNoWriMo I'm writing romance !!! It still has the usual fantasy in it but still very different from what I usually write
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