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Have this mindset with your own writing, come to The Writing Center for help growing your work! #WednesdayWords
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hi guys! i’m writing a piece on females in fan culture for a class & i’ve created a quick survey! it would really h…
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RT @4_the_babies: "In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officers in high positions express such alarm about…
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Man I miss writing for print :(
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RT @JamesFolta: My four-week course on parody writing at @magnettheater starts in ONE WEEK! Still some spots left, would love to se…
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RT @ed_solomon: At the cafe where I'm writing the people next to me were disagreeing about the origins of Men in Black & I said "If…
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RT @Steph_I_Will: So today is the day! I’d like to introduce y’all to my very first self published webcomic, Parenthood Activate!…
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RT @primadonatae: namjoons brain after writing singularity in 20 minutes after nasal surgery
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RT @HYYHOYA: i” purple you” became such an iconic phrase, journalists learn it before meeting bts, people are writing articles a…
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Ruth opening the book to see a antique writing but seeing a messy teens handwriting
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Instead of telling me my writing in a draft is is shit, my advisor says “this sentence is grammatically murky.” And I love it.
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I boxed for a little bit. Getting hit in the face made writing a relatively painless use of my time.
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RT @songsbyam: ruth opening the book and seeing purple ink instead of old antique writing #psat #psatmemes
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I'm practically falling asleep writing my essay
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@NayukaGorrie I really enjoy her writing, even her speeches
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Me realizing that i can write horrible stories now and fix them in a future instead of thinking NOW that i'm writin…
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RT @negrosubversive: Did you know how completely stupid this Tweet was when you were writing it?
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@MamaDuck5x1 *gets writing*
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