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RT @AnxietySong: I mean, even besides the fact that the writer is a harmful bigot that uses her platform and fortune to foster hate…
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@nicofwg Hello i just needed to kindly let you know that I am handling assignments and classes at a fare prices. S…
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@IndoIslamicPage Yusuf Dehlvi was grandfather of writer, activist, and mystic Saadia Dehlvi. She married a Pakistan…
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@GantradiesDraco At the end, if the writer intended it or not, I figured things were going to be back on track.
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RT @MyBookie: Big time W for this man. Need more people like this 💪
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@Une_etrangere_ همینجوری … پیشگیری بهتر از درمانه 😁
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RT @PageTurnerAward: Hero Brown, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of @muddystilettos, is judging the Young Writer Award in 2022. A national…
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Nick Miller is a writer who has no concept of money, works as a bartender, has a drinking problem and is terrible w…
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RT @RydingEdvin: Honestly, i’ve always loved the sincerity of sex ed but season 3 is so well written. The new layers of depth which…
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@PromptStories does the writer take constructive criticism?
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RT @BaddCompani: Horseback Border Patrol has been removed from duty and assigned desk jobs.✌️
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RT @gayle_dallas: William Kentridge South African artist, director, writer🌹
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RT @A_AMilne: “Most of us have small, sad places in our hearts. My father felt deeply but kept his feelings to himself. Or rather…
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THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY: Captain Carter is the newest addition to my expanding Funko Pop! collection. As I’ve sai…
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RT @ElectionLegal: Your favorite French writer? He's been published in Le Pedophile Raciste
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RT @chron: The author and television writer said his decision goes "beyond politics."
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@pjmphobia @blossomsjjk Schoolwork can bring a lot of pressure sometimes. DM if you're seeking to hire a writer.
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【定期】演劇用脚本 『Endress dispair~先生を絶望させると世界が終わる~』 はりこの虎の穴にて公開しています。
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Fine, I think we can all agree that Thomas Pynchon is swell, but does that make Conor Oberst any less of a writer?
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