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kang duk-soo creeps the hell out of me, i thought he died. he even commit suicide, right? or the writer just playin…
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@rvvlovebot Bạn nhớ vụ thằng bầu đuồi eminem nghi ngờ kdot có ghost writer xong bảo k dot viết lời in front of him…
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RT @andreagail_k: @joshtpm @TPM May I recommend Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Commanding General of the US Army's writings?…
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@LTManningWriter @Writer_Princess To find typos, nothing works better for me than reading it backwards.
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@red_writer_red That smile 🤤
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I find peace on exile island Surrounded by an ocean of loneliness Every grain of sand my new friend #vss365 #writer
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Ole Girl When Her Writer Says They Give Up.
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status: 9 pessoas visualizaram seu perfil
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@peng_writer Let me help you tag @rommielola Omo dada lomo yen
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RT @BTSWeverseup: — BTS episode [Photo] [20130620] M countdown site STAFF DIARY Writer:BigHit_BTS 작성시간:2013.07.03 ( 12 photos ) -…
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Chech out Wyatt Pauley - Professional Music Major Wyatt Pauley: guitar/vocals/producer/Song…
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i already read her fic and i read your 52k too!!! MAY I JUST SAY I LOVE BOTH OF THEM VERY VERY VERY MUCH (rly loo……
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RT @Superfan2016: Look at all the Tweets being made! Ben Affleck is an incredible director, writer & actor! I strongly strongly bel…
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RT @HashtagGriswold: Cutting through the bs— of which there is quite a lot— Rebekah Jones’ latest substack is her bragging about getting…
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RT @tribunemagazine: Writer Kurt Vonnegut, who died on this day in 2007, used science fiction to explore the failings that turned humans…
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lovely writer é meu novo vício
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Anne Beatts remembered as courageous and witty by fellow SNL writer #Israël #ישראל
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@whameliee yep they did and the writer for the english script made the show way more gay than what was planned but…
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RT @rkivesunset: i hope writers don't measure their fics by hits or kudos. as long as writing made you happy, please know that your…
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@red_writer_red Chulo el chamaco
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