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RT @nishkumar1977: Kicked off the next batch of enthusiastic learners today. It's a weekend only batch. Hope they would be able to get…
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RT @RiyaMavi777: Please Support this Trend write now✍️ #हम_सबका_स्वाभिमान_है_मोदी
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RT @ABHINAV_OFC: -- trend booster --- Write Five flowers name with tagline GOOD LUCK ABHINAV FOR KKK11
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@Anuj_Singh34 @RanuSha50 Write & Retweet Everyone #हम_सबका_स्वाभिमान_है_मोदी
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I’m in a cold sweat over 8000 words I have to write. I’ve only had six months to get started, I feel a Douglas Adams quote coming on...
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If you are not divested, this is what you do. Even black feminists / afrofeminists fall in this trap. And sometime…
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@FCBarcelona Beautiful write up..what exactly does fifa and UEFA have against the super league? They hate that part…
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RT @AskPradeepG: See how proactive is our BJP MLAs @MRGandhiNGL and @vanathibjp . Both didn’t write letter to CM asking for oxygen.…
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@GauravSinghrjp @RanuSha50 Write & Retweet Everyone #हम_सबका_स्वाभिमान_है_मोदी
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Reading today’s piece by @jessiehewitson I’d suggest you password protect your document with the list of passwords.…
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RT @Kejeffreyan: Jangan terlalu terburu-buru untuk pulang ya!
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RT @lovefromkiana: God created men and then sent women to write books about fictional characters as an apology
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RT @sulibreaks: new thread pending.... i wanna write something about boundaries, the ones u set before and within a marriage are s…
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RT @EJMcRon: @sarkodie Next time be clear when doing political songs. Learn from B. Marley & Lucky Dube, do liberation songs and…
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RT @lookchoup: ตั้งแต่มี shut up and write กับวงเหล้าคือตื่นเช้าขึ้นมาก รู้สึกว่ามีเพื่อนทำงานจากบ้าน 5555555
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RT @TrulyMonica: Hi @MahuaMoitra You can write your next @nytimes column on the plight of this woman. Raped and told “aur bolo J…
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RT @fluffyhaechann: 80. "Kalau keluarga secara arti harfiah, lo punya." "Kalau keluarga dalam arti yang lain, gue nggak punya ya Dan?"
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