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RT @PAOnTheMic: Worst half of #Vikings football all season, not even close. Said it all week #92Noon best defense we have played a…
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RT @AngryBlackLady: the worst thing that some of you were ever taught is that your opinion is always relevant and that you should alway…
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the bastard machine but with id politics is the worst prototypical woke tv critic
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RT @llelfer: This year has been crazy. It’s been the worst and it’s been the best. Dear 2020, I’m coming in hottt.
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RT @VilmaKxx: @eurowings worst airline ever. EW9394 flight to Dublin cancelled???! And you’ve booked us another flight without ou…
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RT @kny_quotes: zenitsu: So, I heard you liked bad boys nezuko: *nods* zenitsu, smirking: tell her tanjirou tanjirou: he's literally the worst
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RT @SafetyPinDaily: Donald Trump Has Had a Lot of Terrible Lawyers. Rudy Giuliani Might Be the Worst. | via: MotherJones
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RT @heizechae: one of the worst cases of talent wasted. DOMINATED sixteen, practically stayed in major the whole time. one of the…
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RT @RuthEWillis: SYCF is asking for urgent donations so they can provide financial aid to those worst affected and in need of immedi…
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@MarcelFeldkamp @CarlosR Esports PC player of the year was the absolute worst disgrace. Perkz coming 2nd to Bugha is just absurds
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RT @von_Bismack: The worst enemies of PDP and our democracy are the persons defending a corrupt/bias INEC chairman. This is quite disgusting
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RT @bywirenews: NHS recorded its worst ever performance in treating patients in emergency wards in October, a blow to Prime Ministe…
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@minapeixes Lmaoo the worst one to me is PEACH GIRL.
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RT @LumpyLouish: Just across Lake Washington sits. Seattle, a city which tours worse homelessness per capita than LA and NYC. In fac…
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RT @JustZayy: Shower sex is the worst kind of sex you can have.
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People act like Skyler White is the worst character on Breaking Bad when the only remotely awful thing she did was…
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RT @scottsantens: This is one of the worst examples so far. It checks all the boxes: ✅Excludes Yang ✅Includes those who polled less…
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RT @_youhadonejob1: Worst amusement park ever.
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DirectTV continues to be the worst cable experience of my life
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RT @ywsanchez: Tech companies have designed online shopping experiences to be awesome (#UX). Retail companies are moving in the op…
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