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RT @RepJayapal: This is corporate greed at its worst — I don’t know why this is so hard to understand: Pay 👏🏾 your 👏🏾 workers 👏🏾
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“If he can’t handle me at my best then he DESERVES me at my worst” best thing I’ve heard all month
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RT @quackity4k: @BadBoyHalo @Skeppy @GeorgeNotFound This was the worst notification I’ve gotten on my phone ever
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@mambalambaa he's good in the accent core version of the X2 series (ac+r) xrd he's the dirt dog worst he's prob th…
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“Oh, yeah,” Alex says “The top list of reasons to love yoy goes brain, then dick, then imminent status as a revolut…
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A stranger at the grocery store tried to shame me for having two bags of white sugar in my cart and said "you know…
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RT @KoopaTroopa4494: @OnTheDownLoTho Bowsette was probably the best and worst thing ever created
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RT @bxjv: being loved on your worst days is the best love of all.
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A maknae in his family but a leader in SEVENTEEN ❤️ how he hold on that worst moment to be there with his members 🌸…
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I wish to have a person who can stay after seeing the worst side of me.
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why is it that the best of days are almost always followed by the worst of nights
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RT @bernietxt: the worst part of modern eminem is that his legacy shouldn't be that "he raps fast" or makes clever punchlines. he…
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RT @Chrisayresva: The worst part about a second chance at life is people are going to start to realize that I don't avoid them becaus…
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@DiamonDamien @R_Denhollander Agreed. Sad for Josh. Jim Bob was Josh’s worst enemy & still is. Actually though J…
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RT @Ahlulbayt__313: "One of the worst forms of betrayal is being disloyal with things entrusted in one’s possession." - Imam Ali Ibn A…
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RT @m7mdkurd: Again, and until I die, they are s a d i s t i c. Any and all comparisons to history’s worst villains are fully app…
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RT @youganguly: Kolkata has witnessed the worst of COVID-19 during the second wave, and thanks to extensive media coverage, we know…
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Brandon Moreno can fuck off the dude could ruin Hagler vs Hearns. Fucking unbearable man he is legit challenged and…
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RT @charlieINTEL: just a tweet to remind everyone supply drops were the worst monetization system ever in CoD and should never return or exist in any games.
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