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@wilson5000_s Haha, no worries. I just sent a follow because you seem like one of the cool kids 😎 Hell I usually d…
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Don’t know why Haney worries about his “power” so much,just stick to boxing & you’d be fine.power will come at some…
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@uriohau @lesbikang I can help with koha no worries. DM me if you decide this would be helpful. #SettlerSunday 🙂 T…
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@dolphinblanket @Red_Jassy No worries, G. I know you have a Pristine Mind with narry a naughty thought except for s…
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@finralnation Ahhhh nooooo not finral no worries I fixed it for you 😂
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RT @AnnaJustWrites: Situation Z The heat is the least of their worries when the dead begin taking over Phoenix…
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RT @Vanguard_Lancer: Next week's Kaodake Sensei episode will finally focus on Aika Sanjou's worries and concerns... I'm both excited and…
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@nayibbukele I’d love to travel there. This worries me though.
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@soloparentuk @RTolgaTurgut @EricTopol Imagine thinking that questioning “science” is a bad thing……. Stop watchin…
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@commodorecrazy No worries, can understand that. Sure we can look at a McPhillamy Park site for you next year.
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@lauraslesbian No worries! I've drawn Gwen for it before just the comic version because she's like twenty.
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RT @GabeDiLaurentis: I will resume talking about my projects tomorrow. What's on your mind today? What worries you? What gives you hope?…
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RT @LoveMiwonism: Each new day is a blessing. Let go of all worries and be grateful for all the positive in your life. May God bles…
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you guys know my family is silver spoon and Justin is my cousin, right? don't make me post the birth certificates,…
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RT @gemhostofficial: I’ll be careful next time bbs 🥺🤗 I’ll just post here yung mga pendings kodon if ever so no worries okay? Love you all sobra 😭❤️
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RT @AsimRiazWorrier: It's 12 am! Mark ur attendance night WORRIES!! ROAR LIKE SHER UMAR
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RT @Sonia21036146: True saints are the kindest. They can’t see anyone in pain or worries. So St Dr @Gurmeetramrahim ji they do every w…
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@irys_en No worries! Take your time
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⠀ as i watch a movie with my beautiful fiancè, it's moments like these that make all my worries wash away. be with…
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