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@GXNPOWDERS [he run towards the door, worried]
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RT @MaximilianJans2: OMG - and we worried about starving kids... Luckily there are the brave journalists of the Daily Smear.
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@MykooMaiku @bayday_stan @SheaCoulee I agree with you, prejudice is prejudice. I agree that Tomi had it coming, and…
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RT @whoislikeGod33: Only election I’m worried about is the The Amazing World of Gumball election special 💯
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RT @5Lecturer: تعيس/miserable /مزرابول قلق/worried/ ووريد بائس/depressed /ديبرِسد متحمس/excited/ إكسيتِد…
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Bob Woodward on the 2020 Election: “How Can You Not Be Worried?” via @derspiegel
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@ANDRESSPEEDS No one is worried stop
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RT @skyeelaynee: I love this quote: REST tonight, knowing that whatever is on your mind is in God’s hands. whatever you’re stress…
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RT @Takethepwrback: According to @MarkMeadows, condoms are bad. STD’s are cool, because you can just take medication after you’re infec…
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RT @JeffBridges: iPhone #COVID contact tracing in Colorado is LIVE! Open Settings, scroll down to “Exposure Notifications.” If you’r…
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RT @svppasit: Type still has his walls and closed doors for everyone... only Tharn has made it inside his heart. He’s the only pe…
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@boy_mermaid @hrtautism Whoever said i was worried?
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RT @EcoSenseNow: Wow! @NOAA has 7,000 scientists and the climate crisis crowd is worried about 1 scientist who speaks his mind. Davi…
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@robbins2020_ Callie looked over at Arizona and slowly nodded, “Ok.” She was a little worried but she trusted Derek and Arizona
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@troy_wilmore I’m more worried about the Ravens offense
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RT @jeremy_hume: @AndyBurnhamGM The new normal, in which Boris J dictates how many people you can peacefully interact with, is dysto…
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Four years ago, 61% of Americans were worried about how the election would affect the economy. Today, the biggest c…
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"I’m a little worried about playing Kevin Harvick, but he’s won three straight November Texas races. With this pack…
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RT @_simaview: Btw that’s his mom, she was worried and came quickly to her daughter in la, to defend her .....but she definitely got this covered 😭
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