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To the author of this SBI fanfic, I want to thank you for this masterpiece and for taki g me to a rollercoaster rid…
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Fragment of Time * 時の欠片の道しるべ 時の欠片を廻る、現代・異世界ファンタジー。 Chapter6『執事の本音』まで公開中ですv #kakuyomu #カクヨム #創作 #novel
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RT @yourlawyerkomal: my whole fam works at that fedex. my unc barely made it out. he had to hide under a table. the person beside him wa…
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RT @NaveenRKukreja: Be close to people who acknowledge your small wins, appreciate your hard work, celebrate your achievements. Their…
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RT @MrAndyNgo: After the latest round of hidden camera videos embarrassing to CNN were released, @JamesOKeefeIII has been permanen…
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RT @peony_coffin: ナイツ・オブ・レディアント ~光り輝く浄化の騎士~ - カクヨム 神に遣われし少女達。彼女達が裁くは世界か人か。 一人の異世界人はこの世界で何を為すか。 #カクヨム #ロボット #カクヨムいつでもロボまつり
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RT @amil: I AM SO UPSET IM CRYING. We’ve been doing the same thing for a year and a half EXCEPT what the doctors say works: p…
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@Jim_Jordan Thank you Jim Jordan!! This man works for the people like no other. #God Bless you Jim Jordan
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ナイツ・オブ・レディアント ~光り輝く浄化の騎士~ - カクヨム 神に遣われし少女達。彼女達が裁くは世界か人か。 一人の異世界人はこの世界で何を為すか。 #カクヨム #ロボット #カクヨムいつでもロボまつり
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RT @hannah_cp_: I am once again thinking about the works of Xu Zhen
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RT @badtechno: Somehow it works on bad guys, but never works on my damn pipes #mothersday #TheLastDriveIn
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RT @Sukoon_Insan: #TheGiftOfHome The True Master of humanity, Saint Dr. MsG is Chief of @derasachasauda & the inspiration for His mil…
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“Read...every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I gu…
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RT @justzahra5: This Hitchhiking stage has by far the best stage direction and camera works. Japan really know how to hold concerts…
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吉祥寺少年歌劇 第4場 | 町田粥 本当に最高
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RT @otj024: いびってこない義母と義姉 6話 本日更新していただいております!本家を訪れた主人公ミヤの祖母。彼女はミヤに本家を離れて共に暮らそうと提言します……一体どうなってしまうんでしょう😰 最後にちょっとしたお知らせがあります。…
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RT @Happyin54957888: @derasachasauda is such an organization where people are ready to do welfare works and one of the welfare work is p…
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After Effect was a great beginning of creating animation video, and this 3D software can give you a brief review of…
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My plan sounds good in my head right now I hope that it all works out
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RT @FreyjaErlings: A thing they don't tell you about the "push a button for a million dollars but someone you don't know dies" hypothe…
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