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Morning and nights my cell service works fine....during the’s booty. Wtf is up with that.
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RT @NPR: Scammers are always looking for more effective words to use. Here's a look at how online grifters adapt their scri…
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RT @MollyJongFast: You know, I can’t help but feel Ben doesn’t totally get how capitalism works.
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RT @GWANJEZ: "The way life works, you know you just follow your heart"
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From personal experience it's the worst when you don't have a professor that works with your busy schedule or is un…
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RT @paulwasher: We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, and not of works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Nevertheless, enduring and pr…
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baroque Worksの深夜のDiscordはマジカオスwwww 面白すぎて腹よじれるwww
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Empowering Beliefs (part 2) / Why asking yourself ‘why' never works – How the search for meaning steals your power
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RT @DailyLoud: Lil Uzi Vert works out every morning
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@karen_k123567 @thevivafrei @ezralevant Again, to make it clear, opinion journalism is fine. It's done all the time…
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RT @AbusedGames: NINTENDO DSi MATTE BLUE SYSTEM TWL-001(NOT SURE IF IT STILL WORKS) NO CHARGER Condition:For parts or not working
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RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Is there one...JUST ONE...goddamn person who works for this administration that isn't a grifter, liar, cheat, swind…
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RT @SueNyathi: Long distance works when you have money. Money shortens the distance between being there and baby I wish I could be…
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RT @HarkinAtDrake: Join us for a Coffee Talk with Annelise Tarnowski, a Drake grad who works for Friends of Iowa Public Television. Sh…
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@MG_Indian I think you never got a seat in any good college and never earned high amount of money in jobs maybe tha…
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RT @BreeNewsome: No one becomes a billionaire without exploiting other people's underpaid or unpaid labor. This is how capitalism wo…
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RT @pokershash: This proud anti-national who is not even student of JNU now was protesting against fee hike. His FB profile has STO…
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RT @peaweafilms: Short video on the Sikh Warrior’s mantra in the works. Should be ready by tonight. This was an introduction to a Ba…
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RT @DailyLoud: Lil Uzi Vert works out every morning
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RT @Foster_2323: I love UT fans so much. They have so much hope and it never works out. Last year y’all were raw but y’all choke in…
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