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@TELUSsupport Please help the dn setting isn’t working on my router
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RT @Tory_c44: #ZhongChi 🔶💧 "We're still in working hours, please restrain yourself, Mr Zhongli-"
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RT @winglobalfc: 4M Views unlocked! Congratulations @winmetawin for unlocking another milestone. Thank you always for working hard.…
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RT @KamVTV: Pay the working people the extra $300 a week and see how fast the unemployed get employed.
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RT @MicheleScheffl1: @SteveRezdo @VickiPlatt5 Does anyone really believe that ALP would keep fossil fuel any longer than it necessarily…
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Then I'll be working the kitchen, okay?! I know this is hard, but we'll get through this together!
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It's still baffling to me how people still somehow don't get the party difference. I hate the DNC, they are spinele…
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Smart working & smart living: l’impatto della pandemia sul benessere dei lavoratori
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RT @hodgesjoanne: Dear @JustinTrudeau. Please tell me, tell Tigray you are working on more than another statement at @G7. What. Will.…
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RT @MadhumitaroyC: Good Morning Warriors TREND ACTIVITY TODAY 4 Our Beloved SSR Minister ws present at the party where Disha was th…
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I’ve been working so damn hard I can’t get no real sleep
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RT @ABJ5S3OUINYoqnB: ##वादा_निभाओ_शिक्षामित्र_बचाओ Please fullfill your promise towards shikshamitra that making them a genuine teacher…
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RT @Iameaschris: working on my resume
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RT @RealTalkKim: Get some REST!!! God is working for you tonight... Heaven is holding conversation about you. Angels have been assi…
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RT @MaziNnamdiKanu: Ongoing #Fulani terror attacks in Okigwe & now Ozubulu, in the presence of @HQNigerianArmy & @PoliceNG’s so-called…
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RT @Morphine_za: Permanent employment in a healthy working environment 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
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RT @AskAnshul: Our Media is trying hard to report the violence in Tiljala area of Kolkata and Chandannagar city in Hooghly distric…
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@MumSleepRepeat Combine kids with a working farmer (see what I did there) and I feel you early start pain. And yes,…
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RT @Gulfkanawutofc: LNWกลัฟ​ มาแล้ว!! 😄😄 ชอบสีหน้านี้น้องกลัฟตอนนี้มากๆเลย​ 😆 #GamingNationxGULF
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RT @DrMathen: While the rich enjoys increase in revenues & shares amidst a global pandemic our working class struggle to keep job…
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