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@piersmorgan not a proper lockdown if work is still going on
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RT @VinDollar016: My recent art work, your Retweet could go a long way. 👌👌
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Is Bo Jackson talking about Tecmo Bowl because, yeah, 350-400 yards on the ground is light work.
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RT @SecretService: On this #NationalFirstRespondersDay we wanted to thank all of those that work day in and day out to keep us safe in so many different ways!
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RT @DarrenEuronews: BREAK: France will impose a second national lockdown People will only be allowed to leave home for essential work…
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RT @HkSanditon: @SanditonSister2 Alright, it is 2AM, I am on Twitter on a geek topic & on work emails. And back to the main…
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omg i’ve been doing work for 4 hours i missed a flo live and it takes two 🥺
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if i ever get work done, i want the jane fonda kardashian doctor.
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@DrCherryCanovan @sueveneer There's a fiver off of you spend £20 on the app! And if you're a first time app user, y…
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@foxrabbitsophie I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! Absolutely stunning with details.
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@0v0Tiller Work out is one of his biggest songs easily, his first big hit
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RT @SirenSaren: Goodmorning @0ILSPILLS! Your profile lives rent free in my mind I swear. I’m constantly going to your profile and d…
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RT @heyyguido: Stop shaming women who have multiple fathers for their children. Women are allowed to leave a bad relationship find…
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Oh, asking employers to fire people critical of you for being a bad public servant. Feel free to call my employer…
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RT @karlamartinnez: I don’t wanna wake up and go to work szn
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Lime wire was our computers Covid 19 and we just sat back and watched now they sitting back watching us work from h…
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@cybergibbons Professional chef here: waste of time and oil. If you want oil on the pasta you coat it after cooking…
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@VirgoTerms I work hard but not yet
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@AliveToblerone @sim0n40 @GMB @SwainITV Less than 200k disposable police officers and armed forces personal to try…
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RT @_b_meyer: France: new lockdown starting Friday. For now till mid December. Reassessment every 2 weeks to tighten or ease meas…
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