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@PutrySasuke @BTSW_official I used WiFi from multiple locations and tried using data , but it didn’t work 😔
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RT @BreeNewsome: No one becomes a billionaire without exploiting other people's underpaid or unpaid labor. This is how capitalism wo…
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RT @nunuseokie: jooheon said not to look down on idols and that they are artists who work 10x harder. jooheon holds pride in being…
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RT @Ohio_Buckeye_US: So #AOC wants to legalize drugs & release felons from jail, she is also introducing a bill that provides benefits t…
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RT @warmblue0221: La Rouge Concert Brochure MD - Wendy's message Dear ReVeluv 💙 Happiness~ Hello~ Our ReVeluv 💙 Our 3rd concert is f…
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RT @WxManAJB: I know I work in a newsroom, but I think this might qualify us as over caffeinated.
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@oldfart1965 @AdamSchefter That is funny dude, now think about this why is it ok for some people to wear a confederate flag to work.
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RT @SenatorCardin: The violence in #HongKong must end and officials should work in earnest to respond to the protesters’ demands. Am…
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Betty Idol stays doing good work for immigration rights. 🙏 #CartelCrew
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I will admit my mouth is dry, I can taste dehydration. I can feel my body get weaker and weaker as the hours go by.…
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RT @fenarinarsa: No. A studio lost 35 million $ because they tried to cut costs and listened to executives instead of artists. They…
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RT @EelcoTromer: For all those who culture microbes and passage them regularly: check out this work providing evidence that your/a b…
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RT @zxq9_notits: When Trump tweets about #fartgate the media will be consumed with epic "body function shaming" discussions that wil…
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RT @MistressKarina: EWWW i would NEVER do a SEX WORK its SOOOO degrading
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RT @NocOnOblock: work hard & determine, it's safe to say I earned it.
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RT @kylegriffin1: Senior Trump admin official Mina Chang resigned from her job at the State Department two and a half hours after NBC…
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RT @darrenf62: whoever’s behind this is doing god’s work
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RT @uhhjakee: you ever catch your self working too hard at work and be like “let me chill they’re not paying me enough for this”
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RT @maziehirono: Dear federal scientists, Your jobs are important, your service is appreciated, and science matters. Thank you for…
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I got to work and there’s a girl crying in the back so now I have to awkwardly get ready as fast as I can
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