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RT @w_terrence: BLACKFACE APOLOGY! Justin Trudeau said he didn’t remember he put on a black face. My white Friend Chip Williams…
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RT @Music4Chameleon: In other words the judges and remainers have taken over the country, your vote is worth shit and money talks when…
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RT @ThePublius2020: Dear America, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing,” according to Thomas Jefferson.…
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@srijandeep No, you fool it is I am the best (with spaces between the words but he probably doesn't even remember it now)
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RT @sheridestide: @askmenfess it’s okay, nder. sometimes woman needs some comforting words to confirm that you really love her and ‘…
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@TheLadyBearica No! You're lady "BEAR"ica, not lady "bare"ica! In the wise words of some blonde chick, "haters gonn…
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Goldman used such words (or anyone used to see if your meatloaf is the importance of the dish.
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RT @beats4bangtan: THIS is powerful!! Their words became reality. Their passion, hard work, persistence, and determination has made th…
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RT @Bishopoftyler: The beauty of our Catholic faith is our embrace of supernatural truth. Our belief in Christ’s words that bread & w…
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I‘m going to dick down a boy called Fadi today. Mark my words.
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RT @AwlesAntonov: @AnnaCAAlves17 True words dear Anna 🌹 Have a lovely day...❤️
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@LoyalDefender2K A picture tells a thousand words...
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@sweetlondonlou ohh well okay I don't know any words in Filipino, what does hi mean?
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RT @reiker_: My mute boyfriend surprised me with the words i'd never expect to hear. "I Love You." I heard him speak, for the f…
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@MrsCrerar @Traceymangan1 these 2 girls are busy practising pyramid spelling and 'ch' words in the sun. 😎
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Gusto ko sumabog at sabihin ang mga masasamang words.
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RT @TRIVIAR0SIE: jennie and jisoo confirmed themselves they wrote lyrics to stay, lisa wrote lyrics to sure thing rap along with jen…
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RT @JacksonRuth_: We must not be an audience, we must engage and act to make change now. We must not accept the injustice of violenc…
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RT @GreatWishlist: I ain't got the words
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