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RT @TamveelMujahid: Healing words of Quran. Every time I read this, I cry. This is so peaceful and provides instant hope!
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RT @sharearmeal: The 70k goal has been reached.We’re completely astonished at the response that this campaign has received.Thank you…
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RT @sam_adeyemi: Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions will be divinely inspired through this week. You will rise beyond the o…
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100もの扉 2006年6月14日 words 愛内里菜&三枝夕夏 music 大野克夫
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FREE BOOKS were very nice guests: Quiet, clean and respectful. Highly recommended. Thank you! The Autism Language L…
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@RCArmitage Wise words ❤️
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Tired of my bot? Feel free to mute the words [Untrabot] and it'll take care of that! [Untrabot]
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RT @AmberD1116: A picture is worth a thousand this case two pictures. Same location taken 100 years apart.
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so i reported a tweet that said islam is cancer and that palestanians are savages and @Twitter's response was that…
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RT @KayKosmos: Remembering the words of Dr. Lampard: "The purpose of humanitarian action is to save lives, alleviate suffering, an…
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@opinionatedmum1 It's like the chummy radio adverts saying they'll "let you know when yours is ready". In other wo…
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RT @mieja_ibrahim: Kerap DG post gambar patients dekat ICU. Kalau tak paham lagi tu, no words dah la. Mungkin kena lempar virus tu k…
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At the sound of a few words Stomach rising inside of her Blood rushing to every limb Heat emanating from her skin B…
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rustle In The leaves: (A 3,52,000 words Psychological and Paranormal Thriller... via @amazon
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RT @LinahAlsaafin: Everyone in Gaza is saying this. Everyone. Every night I see people writing their goodbyes and saying their shaha…
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@Knesix Customer service. We all hate automated customer service ‘chat bots’ and they’re unlikely to get a huge am…
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RT @SevenShepherd: "Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and…
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RT @Follygon: truer words have never been spoken
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