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Who believes in conspiracies? Just wondering...
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RT @acatfromgreece: Anyone wondering how long it would be until this was blamed on the police can stop.
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When will Linda Sarsour go to China to stand with her oppressed brothers and sisters in Islam? Just Wondering!
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@msjremerge @FantasyPros Yeah i was thinking that. I also have golladay but aftet him saying he isnt 100% im wonder…
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@GPrime85 @nypost Damn, now you got me wondering how this will roll into the 2020 comic collection. 😂
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RT @shyIantis: incase anyone is wondering (nobody is) I still think abt the time I was watching a thecomputernerd01 video and on t…
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@itsamike I’m just wondering how did Eggman come up with the invention in Sonic Unleashed called the Egg Dragoon al…
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RT @listener_t: @brhodes Wondering how you're gonna explain Trump getting nominated for two Nobel Peace prizes, turning Soleimani i…
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@RobSchneider Interesting take. I’m just wondering why you’d choose to be arrested in front of your children instea…
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RT @MindHealthMoney: The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering.
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If you are wondering how to get it, you need a pro fishing rod, and you have a 1% chance at any fishing spot around the map
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RT @RealGeneralZod: It's 3:35pm. Biden is drifting off to sleep with a dab of pudding on his chin, wondering what day it is and what is for breakfast tomorrow.
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A couple years ago a friend sent me a postcard they'd found in a thrift shop in Chicago that just said "Dear you, P…
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If you're wondering why, it's because he's killing his own constitutents to make the political statement of "I put…
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RT @meeracleshappen: I’ve been wondering why dating apps don’t seem to work for me and I realized it’s because I simply don’t like makin…
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I'm wondering what my cake is gonna look like. All my husband told me is that the DD logo is on it, and that it's h…
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earlier today i read a yahoo answers post, in case you were wondering about my personal state
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@HatVGM wait is a tiled ceiling better for sound?? this is another thing I was wondering about, the ceiling material 😅
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RT @TheAoko: My girlfriend wondering why I haven't replied/ Me trying to spell gorgeous since 30 minutes ago
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RT @aproko_doctor: Dear hustler, you've been working your ass off, wondering how everything will come together for you Be patient, ke…
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