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@king_marcus408 Bears or WFT. Their defense is top-10 honestly, just held back by their offense. It won't be against Dallas' trash line.
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RT @Shar_A_: Won’t let me RT this as normal, but this really tickled me! 👇
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RT @TRADOCCSM: History at its FINEST! Right here in our own backyard 239 years ago our Army WON! Hooah! #VictoryStartsHere…
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RT @Tellemmmmm: Nigeria wants to break you, so you won’t ask for things you are entitled to. Everyone of them including their pets gotta go.
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RT @OtunbaFela: If the @HQNigerianArmy want peace with the Youths, they should support us to fight this #endSARS else we won't rele…
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streets saying positions is going to be a r&b song if so we won !
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RT @iamtberry: If you’re flying a drone in Lagos please do fly it in sports mode! It goes faster and would be hard to get shot dow…
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@Sarah__Cueto Are you ready for an audiobook experience you won’t soon forget? Nominated best Dystopian/Sci-Fi Nove…
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Best Limited Overs captain who won 2019 WC Daw😕 Best Finisher as of nOw Daw😕
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RT @tsueyes: #모챠_썰 토비이즈 마을 설립 이후, 사람들 몰래 이즈나 초상화 그리는 톱람 보고싶다 죽은 이에 대한 기억 중 가장 먼저 잊혀지는 것이 목소리라던데. 그래서 토비라마가 아무리 정성스레 먹을 갈아 까만 눈을…
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RT @renoomokri: Throughout human history, there is no record of a government that has ever won a war against its own citizens! #EndSARS
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RT @Ghetto_kd: You won't lose anything if you retweet to push the voice #CongolsBleeding #congogenocide
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RT @TheFashionLaw: Ferrari has won its case against Philipp Plein over the designer's use of a Plein-branded Ferrari in his S/S 2018 m…
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RT @Ghetto_kd: You won't lose anything if you retweet to push the voice #CongolsBleeding #congogenocide
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@PatriotUS86 @m3lostar @espn @stephenasmith @FirstTake And didn’t we go back and beat y’all again later on in the s…
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RT @KevKoeser: Looks great, but like I’ve said before, the spirit of the old show won’t be fully embraced until the Goodfeathers d…
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RT @6cChocoVotee: #SixTONESツイートボタン 先日のYTFFは本当に素晴らしかった✨ という文です😊 全てリンク有りで、30だけ披露曲名有りです✨ よろしくどーぞ☘ 26 27…
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RT @Not3sofficial: You can’t watch this and stay silent! The people need our help! We won’t be silenced.…
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RT @mynameis_temi: Where are those MEN OF GOD that endorsed Buhari? Where are the Mummy GOs? Is this how you'll render your God useles…
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RT @Chezneey_: Rest in perfect peace Lucy. We won’t allow your death to be in vain 💔
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