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I won’t be surprised if i woke up one day and found everyone against me 😴
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I won 10 achievements in 3 games for 867 TrueAchievement pts
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RT @TraylorWillIsAg: Kail Rose’s first MCF is in the books! She and Kassi won their class and were named Breed Champion, them placed Top…
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Celtics have won 7 in a row and 10 of the last 11 with Tristan Thompson in the lineup. Brings much needed toughness…
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@PlayoffVincent You take that back now that they won! 😊
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Kids do not only need play time but more of parent-child moment. Plenty hours of just talking even though you won'…
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RT @xjulianaacx: All it takes is “bitch you won’t” and there I go 🤣
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RT @munconvo: 🦈 You know what sucks? Life is like a book. And I can't skip a freaking chapters. That's how life works. I won't en…
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Can someone really really hurt that YouTube guy so that he won’t stick his nose in a sport for real men? Events li…
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@KhameekJ03 I don't think Isaiah is ever presented as infallible. His experiences happened 60-70 years ago. The US…
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RT @KIWISTCESSL: me leaving twitter after tini hasn’t noticed me knowing she won’t be active for another whole month
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@zinnysandra61 Yeah and it won't be a TV remote 😂
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@YahooFinance @SenWarren Terrible idea. How do you make future loans. You will have more reckless borrowing by stud…
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@FlyRule that might be one of the most accurate thing i’ve ever seen. she had my notifications on but won’t like my tweets
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@yaya2ree I think Kish won for sure but just being generous
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RT @GoodmanHoops: Celtics have now won six straight and now in 4th in the East. That was one hell of a performance by two future Ha…
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RT @RAIN_Ciipher: [#원] 주말인데 뭐하고 있어용?? 나는 우리 팬분들 생각...😉 #Ciipher #싸이퍼 #WON_ForU
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RT @jenobeat: you won't find someone hotter than him
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RT @Beanzz901: Millennials won’t let y’all pay them poverty wages. They’ll make a YouTube channel or Uber or other shit where they…
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RT @AndColorPockeT: Not a fan of Obama , but in 2012 during his 2nd term campaign US was hit by hurricane sandy. He cancelled all ralli…
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