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RT @povertyscholar: 🧵I was just in a store w/my kids & husband when an argument broke out between a white (or maybe Latino, could not t…
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RT @Erecipe: 「ミートソース炊き込みご飯」の作り方~手軽だけどマンネリになりがちな【炊き込みご飯】をバリエーション豊かに楽しむ法~ ▼材料・詳しい作り方
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RT @emrazz: Every woman has a male friend, coworker, acquaintance, or family member who has tried to touch them in unwanted way…
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@RabbiZvi Ladies & ladies this is the first and the last time we saw men protecting a woman. Wow. Rare moment.
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RT @LifeNewsHQ: A baby is not "a woman's body."
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RT @Sweetest_Vee: Pregnancies should always be the happiest times for a woman. I hope every woman gets to experience it.
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RT @guideforlovers: A woman will try to control you, Because she wants to test your strength.
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RT @simran_waliya: UP is governed by the Dursashan and Duryodhana. Remember they strip a woman Panchayat Polls.
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RT @DavidGuettashow: Justin Bieber is set to perform in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever – Emirates Woman - Emirates Woman
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RT @toolzbeib: Between virginity and good character, which one is the main pride of a woman? Remove sentiment and just hit the point pls
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RT @Finefem28: Now, I wasn't sayin that women could never do shit like that. Hell, when I was 5, I was literally kidnapped by a ki…
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RT @snarkademic: At airport bathroom. Woman in line with a black mask w/yellow star patch that read "not vaccinated" in Hebrew. I st…
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I just want to show woman out there the PTSD and Abandonment issues I have and still am a strong ass woman! I want…
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RT @Kate_Kelly_Esq: Whew, just saw: I can count on zero hands the number of times I’ve heard a woman say having a son taught her how to respect men.
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RT @sapphicfiles: zoë kravitz kissing a woman in high fidelity
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RT @StarGirlDaily: Good morning to Erica Nlewedim only! Actor, model, singer, dancer, painter, badass business woman & Influencer o…
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RT @OsamaSulub: Marwo Ayaan cabdi, The Newly elected speaker of the Regional house of representatives! The future is woman! Congrat…
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@davenewworld_2 @SazeracNELA A woman was charged with murder in Oklahoma because she had a miscarriage. A tragedy c…
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RT @abednego82: will come in handy. If you are a woman who has had a rough past, then he will use it against you to paint you as a…
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Not too long after I played Metroid: Other M, I met Sami by accident at the pool. We didn’t start dating then…we we…
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