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RT @p4prapti: #ArrestLucknowGirl In order to promote Female, we are being disrespectful towards Male. He wasn't at fault...he ap…
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RT @jnlfolder: #JENO: let me be your woman
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RT @kristin__wilson: Really jarring to hear the cheers for a man saying it will be hard to resist hitting a woman.
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RT @virainizm: Day by day, incidents of innocent man being abused by woman for absolutely no reason, is increasing. How can this b…
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Ok! Just seen a young girl , an old woman and a little kid on there phone 📱 all behind each other 🤣 I hate how it is nowadays!!
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RT @theseoulstory: INFINITE Lee Sung Yeol confirms male lead role in upcoming fantasy romance drama 'Time of Memory' It depicts a man…
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RT @John_P_Jones_: God Created The Rose In The Likeness Of a Woman The rose represents beauty. The stem represents strength. The peta…
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RT @therestofus5: It doesn't matter if Hubbard comes last, there is a woman who was not able to compete in the #TokyoOlympics becaus…
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doubt, why women if they can mess with the physique of a man and nobody says anything, but instead a man messes wit…
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RT @chefobubu: Tagged @Naturalgirlwigs on my story and they gave me $10 gift card🥺🥺🥺 Hype woman: @The_amakaaa 🥺
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RT @Profdilipmandal: Katariya...Vandana Katariya!! India’s 1st woman to score hattrick in Olympics. Say it loud.
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RT @ajplus: New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is the 1st transgender woman selected to compete at the Olympics. The IOC…
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RT @AskAnshul: PV Sindhu becomes first Indian woman to win two individual Olympic medals for India 🇮🇳.
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그~ 어떤식으로 운영할지 감이 안잡혀서 특별히 열지는 않았는데ㅠㅠ 디엠으로 문의 주시면 즉석책정!해서 얼마나들지 알려드릴수 있을 것 같습니다
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@NishaBoo84 @TheFemaleSource Read my bio I’m not a grown woman... And if I was, I damn sholl wouldn’t be arguing wi…
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RT @unkubob10: Any woman like my mother is marry worthy 💯
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RT @gtfosalamander: TW: rape,murder This week in Turkey, young woman Azra just went for a job appointment and this horrible man in the…
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@Gemfitz3 Just search “The Power Moves 17 signs low value woman”
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RT @Ansh_Jaiswal_01: A woman beating taxi driver on middle of road in Lucknow city’s Awadh crossing for no reason. Why the hell is every…
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RT @jeremycorbyn: Congratulations @ApsanaBegumMP; Always knew you to be a woman of amazing strength and fortitude and yet again that has been proven.
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