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RT @angry_birdu: Sankaracharya gives a very enlightening justification for Sati. Since a woman considers her husband as her God, and…
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RT @pobnellion: i am gonna be the first person to realize that theres no way a man can fuck a woman
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If you are a white elected official, and a Democrat at that, and have followers who say things like "grease and fry…
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RT @KaceyKells: KELLCEY "This story not only bears witness to what countless other women have gone through, but also offers a messa…
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RT @chaelicendgame: i love my hardworking and talented woman ❤️ #RosénatorsLoveYouRosé
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@DebbieKeitel Nadia has done nothing wrong, the person who uploaded an innconcent wrestlong move on a family show i…
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うぉいし~💕 エアインだからフォークを入れるとシュワシュワ音がする🍾
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@DanielNGilham As for me - I was born with XX chromosomes. I have never changed my first name, so I have always bee…
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RT @Lex_Almighty: @OdeleyeWole 😂😂 I just remembered when I addressed this woman I think was old enough to be my mom as “Ma”, the sh…
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RT @joenasandiego: I hope you are proud of the woman you are today. Things are not always easy and you have to fight your way through…
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@PetePugger Actually, they both assaulted eachother. But the woman started it. The man only said “disgusting”.
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RT @ambreen_sania: “The woman who doesn’t require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” "ShandaarRavi…
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Mumbai: Stopped for not wearing helmet, woman beats up traffic cop
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Although this discussion comes up every year we just keep on ignoring how ridiculous and dangerous it is that prett…
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RT @ToyosiGodwin: Some of you ladies do not know how beautiful you are sha. No man born of woman should ever make you feel insecure. You are too fine for that
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RT @chaelicendgame: i love my hardworking and talented woman ❤️ #RosénatorsLoveYouRosé
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Anna May Wong was suppose to star in The Good Earth .1937 but MGM refused to give her the starring role. Luise Rain…
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RT @WorldOfOrdinary: Been waiting for this case to come to court for a very long time. Obviously housing convicted rapists with women…
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RT @CapricornTerms: A #Capricorn mans hands work both at pleasing his woman & protecting her from harm.
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