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RT @tysandsnyc2acc: A lot of woke politics is people lost in the sauce with low self esteems wanting to set us back.
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RT @DailyPayoutBook: 100k Rams -8 Just woke up smh
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RT @AfricaClear: Irrational woke activism is working hard to dismantle 🇺🇸’s education system. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio unveils a pla…
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RT @Chill_Goblin: So sad that you simply couldn’t write Beowulf today because the woke mob hates reading epic poems in Old English
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RT @Logo_Daedalus: The "post-left" exists to make the Biden DSA-Lovestoneite-Neocon consensus of "Build Back Better" infrastructure sp…
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just woke up I'm dead
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RT @MartinDaubney: Well this is inconvenient Darling of the woke BBC Alex Scott was “in tears as she learns her Jamaican ancestor ow…
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RT @owillis: He was just an ordinary conservative, reading his Bible and his Ronald Reagan devotional, when the woke mob broke i…
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@AndyStevenson20 I bet she thought that when she woke up from her surgery Andy.....
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Just woke up with this song on my mind
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RT @MikeishaDache: Lol niggas think addressing issues is people trying to be “woke”. I like tweeting about coochie, music and fashions…
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@TripleTakeover Yeah that one simply didn't work. Go push your Woke Agenda, I'm all for it.
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@nomnomcookieez Ich fand letztens uncool, dass Du was retweetet hast, wo gegen "Woke" gehetzt wurde, obwohl hier do…
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RT @andrewklavan: Just finished @DaveChappelle's @netflix special. The woke mob's not attacking him for his jokes. They're attacking…
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@MarionMertins @GBNEWS A guy this woke is just wanting to live in a world of autobiography’s ,
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RT @mariana057: I Accidentally fell asleep smoking an E-cigarette and when I woke up my whole house was on the internet…
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RT @BWalkerSEC: Woke up and everybody’s still clutching pearls about Tennessee fans as if that wouldn’t happen at every SEC schoo…
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@RadioCanadaInfo Mais quelle équipe de cul... Pas capable de mettre une bonne équipe sur la glace, ils se permette…
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@ThistlesValiant WOA that’s awesome :O so glad u get a break from ur usual environment i hope u get to feel new,, h…
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@mariahpatience_ Lmao big nice ass you know I woke up bored
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