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RT @HuffmanForNC: @kenolin1 I'm sure his former wives feel the same way.
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junmyeon really wrote us a LETTER like we're actually his military wives,,,, should i laugh or love him even harder
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@shahzadi_raza @MrsShar16243802 @SatyaKiVijay1 @storm_national There are two points. Quranic Passages have become…
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RT @obaino_: De men who discuss their wives' shortcomings wit girls outside are de lowliest of creatures. Don't use ur wife to look 4 sympathy fuck
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RT @Harfo_msq: Girls who don't know mathematics makes the best girlfriends/wives. Ask me why!
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@lonewolf__22 Not to burst your bubble, you are undermining cheating, to shift the focus on harassment only. Both a…
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RT @halimagachi: All those posting their pictures with the caption "show me around" or "Eid Mubarak", this is for you. And those hus…
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RT @MarkieJP: The man who puts kids in cages, is currently working on wife number three, has kids with all his wives, had a fake…
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@aamnaisani @TheMahiraKhan It's easy to blame woman! To blame man it requires guts! Which most of wives lack!
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@InRepair1 @SandyPSquared @DefendTheSheep They all think state they love their wives like Christ loved the church.…
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RT @GodInAWoman: 📖Ephesians 5:25-26 For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life f…
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RT @Shazia30024275: How noble is this guy. He wants Kashmiri people to sell their daughters and wives to feed themselves. Only a person…
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RT @TalbertSwan: @realDonaldTrump Porn model wives: Trump 1 Obama 0 Sex trafficker friends: Trump 2 Obama 0 Prostitutes peeing: Tr…
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@JaySinglespeed yes I also think so. From what I remember he has had many wives. 🤔
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@joshcharles_21 You’ll have seen it probably but First Wives Club is bliss. Moonstruck (with Cher) is mad but gorgeous.
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RT @spidgeyart: im stealing these wives, hs2 cant have them anymore #homestuck #rosemary
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@jayantgajria @friendliighost Must have ran away from their wives
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@CatherineUpper1 Will you ladies be Singing Rain 💦💦 On 💦💦 Me 💦💦 in your Church Choirs? This will make a lot o…
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RT @TulaghaLucy: TRIGGERING PHOTOS ⛔⛔ When will all this stop!!! For crying out loud what is the Government doing, these are people'…
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RT @Harfo_msq: Girls who don't know mathematics makes the best girlfriends/wives. Ask me why!
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