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RT @igulfyouu: 🗣: Did you ask yourself that why am I have to face these problems? ☀️: No. I feel they can do this. I used to make…
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RT @HARDWHlTE: NBA Youngboy has announced he has a collaboration with @NICKIMINAJ on the way.
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RT @SpotifyKDaebak: TREASURE’s debut album #THEFIRSTSTEP_CHAPTERONE hits with a melodic blend of powerful and cool tunes, we feel like…
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RT @dramapotatoe: #TheYinYangMaster, film based on RPG game Onmyoji, officially announces cast #ChenKun, #ZhouXun, #WilliamChan, Qu C…
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RT @ishkarnBHANDARI: Dear @TwitterIndia No 1 trend with 7 lakh tweets comes as last option? #Warriors4SSR All wrong options come bef…
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RT @RedTRaccoon: Nobody is talking about the death of John Neville. It's barely making local news. He said I can't breathe 29 time…
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Why’s @KylieJenner in the WAP video with a really long pause @iamcardib @theestallion 😂😂😂
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Ronald Bernard - Testimony for the tribunal London - English with subs
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@btsvotingorg Talk about something with more than 5 words, make sure your vote is counted. One or two words might…
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RT @politico: "Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse comm…
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RT @ShErNiBachKZra: No 1 trend since 12 noon. Started at 11 am #Warriors4SSR 8 pm post your pictures with Black band, chuni, shawl e…
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RT @aproko_doctor: Stop calling people and telling them :"You don forget me o" Everyone in life has issues that they're dealing with, don't make it harder
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RT @MrStulla_: Have you noticed how peaceful your life has been, since u stopped dealing with certain individuals?
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RT @BridgetOnTV: So no one argues about sex in a cramped fire truck with an angel dude, but hot reunion sex on stairs is where you d…
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me with khuzairi in season 2
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@dbongino @dbongino after reading the comments I'm not sure why people would still support this man as President,…
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What is the difference between Religion, Irreligion and a Relationship with God? This weekend at…
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i know you i know youi. i see you and saw you with my Eyes (you know that what an the eye is right) It Is apart of…
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RT @HeartThrobNever: I read. I don’t always need my music coming with a “message”.
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The rapid rise in new cases is coming from small towns and villages with fewer sophisticated medical facilities
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