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RT @LozzaFox: We are going to need you over the winter @thecoastguy
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RT @CryptoGeum: $20 || P920 || 263.000 IDR - Follow @CryptoDaku_ - retweet + DK Ends in 6 hours
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@miwnatouzaki lagi potong bawah nee-san bantuin winter buat konsum nanti😭 huee siaapp!!
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@winter_tyjw 타투 있는 애들 타투 소개컨텐츠(무리한요구임) 보고 싶어요🥺
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RT @RichardJMurphy: National insurance increases. Universal credit cuts. Food price inflation. And now major gas and electricity price…
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@ortiz_jchris I hear ya.. i got my anti histamine with me lol, clarityn ftw. Tis is why i prefer winter over any other season
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RT @swallalisaa: say it with me! PROUD OF YOU LALISA
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@jellybeanrae See! It's a perfect scenario where the interests bond over the animal, constantly updating the buildi…
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RT @waifcal: i WILL be the thinnest i’ve ever been this winter.
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RT @CallingVisser: Gasvoorraad extreem laag. Afhankelijkheid Rusland neemt toe. Gasprijzen gaan door het dak. Zo gaat u vanzelf van he…
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RT @AnnmarieD0herty: @MartinaBroe1 This will only cause cases to rise further. Its bound to have a dangerous impact on the while communi…
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The "over reliance" on foreign gas in the UK is because the UK has virtually no gas storage facilities. So it sells…
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- Soundcloud: winter bear ✔️ 방탄소년단 뷔 #방탄소년단뷔 #뷔 #BTSV #V
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@mrmarksteel on the latest Brexit distractions. bless him. more here #BorisJohnsonOut
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WHO欧洲免疫咨询专家组前副总裁克里斯蒂安佩龙教授昨天表示⚠️所有接种疫苗的人都必须在冬季隔离,否则可能会患上严重疾病⚠️ Perronne 专门研究热带病理学和新兴传染病. 他说: ⚠️“未接种疫苗的人并不危险; 接种疫苗的人对…
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@SkyNewsBreak Oh, now I'm going to have to buy that hybrid car, change my boiler and put some more bottles out for…
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RT @bottegalolita: Laurence Pellagot at Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1999
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RT @mag_scawaii_men: 10月11日(月)発売 『S Cawaii! MEN 2021 WINTER』 全出演アーティスト公開❗️ 全アーティスト、 サイン入りチェキorサイン入りCDの プレゼントもあります❗️ #StrayKids #スキズ…
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RT @merlinmerry1: "Masks for faces and for noses." Winter's Tale, #ShakespeareSunday
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