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RT @JaniceDean: And one more thing. I am so proud of @MeghanMcCain. She has an important voice in this crazy time we’re living in.…
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Nhlamulo won't let you disrespect his wife infront of him baby mama need to respect Nhlamulo wife #etvScandal
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RT @cchukudebelu: I must be a "zaddy", by fire, by force. My wife demands it of me.
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@csswh1 Joshua 2:1 (and several other verses) state clearly that Rahab was a prostitute. Matthew 1:5 is the Messian…
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@scrabblegeek @cpoliticditto Ugh, Cabin Boy. Rented from Blockbuster once. Wife still teases me about it.
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PH trends aon, we can go higher ayt? HBD PAIPAI 1020 #Patrick18thBirthday
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Things not to say to your Wife when she's a bit miffed... Lesson one... "I s'pose a fuck's out of the question?"…
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RT @angryboars: POV: You’re in Vegas with your girlfriend hitting that $OINK and you stumble over your wife.. What’s your next mo…
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RT @JosephWMead: 12 years ago my wife's grandma told her "laundry is the best job for a women because it doesn't require a lot of th…
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I consider myself a fairly masculine guy, but my wife sent me pictures of my baby and dog today that has me all in my feels.
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RT @ryellekoojescon: @_juiceko Praying for ur full recovery, even fully vaccinated can get sick of covid ex is dr gary sy sa vlog nya he…
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Virat is never Stand worthy character!! Who give wada to his brother would be wife "Me tumhe apne dil me hamesha…
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Playing some more resident evil 6 with my beautiful tiny wife @snorenat in abt an hour over on twitch
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RT @shoeracing: Announcing his return to @NHRA competition on Wednesday… married on Sunday. Pretty good week to be The Sarge! Con…
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caught my husband watching this video at 1.40am. he must be studying 😌 Epic fart shuts up wife
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RT @DonCorleANN: Married man: I would like us to be in a relationship. Me: Aren't you married? What about your wife and kids? Marr…
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@SkyHookDFS @BoredApeYC It was great meeting you and your wife yesterday! Safe travels home!
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