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RT @carolecandice: @Msuppasitstudio @MSuppasit And this one is for all fams who need it💖💖💖 แฟนมิวปรึกษาหน่อง #Before430 @MSuppasit
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RT @mpeachyungs: that one guy who can be introverted and confident as fck and have jungkook as his name >>>>>
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@BSameer1298 @mourya_azad @MausiBilli Don't play with words. A sacred and holy book giving advice to fight (kill or…
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@Fdoyle Richard Ghost Of The Guy Who Used To Own This Place.
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RT @day6suh: ASWJDHDBJ HELP I'M LISTENING TO BAMBAM'S SPACE he's so funny 'who's your bias?' 'in got7?' 'no in kpop' 'it's sungj…
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RT @SlaterGordonUK: A huge congratulations to our Richard Crabtree who's been shortlisted to receive an award for Outstanding Individua…
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RT @ojay_obin: People who can't go a day without logging in to Twitter or IG; People who are never home always doing "we outsideee…
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RT @SakshiS43783021: @#HiddenSecrets_Of_TheQuran Who is the Bakhabar Saint ? To know must read the sacred book"Musalman nhi samjhe gya…
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@MageWolf721 Floor 20?
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RT @RudyHavenstein: I have two main issues: 1. The military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about in 1961, and, related to tha…
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RT @niquetheSNOB: don’t fuck with people who play both sides ..get the fuck on
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RT @waraable: who is that young tengu 🤔 #GenshinImapct
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RT @zsealio: psa: i’m trans, for those who don’t like reading bios
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RT @silkabelli: I ask again. Covid causes blood clots. In the first wave in Ticino we heard that after an infection you need to tak…
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RT @ByDonkeys: 🚨“If you've got one shred of compassion for all those families who sacrificed so much, who lost so much, you’ll go”🚨
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feel really bad for anyone who previously had tickets that have now been cancelled. they should’ve just rescheduled…
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RT @HoopMixOnly: PS5 GIVEAWAY: Giving away to random person who likes this tweet. Must be following
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RT @ggreenwald: For those who still believe the world is explainable by a traditional liberal v. conservative framework, compare th…
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RT @MondlichtArts: Here’s an adorable mini canvas painting that needs a home! Please share this tweet so someone who may be intereste…
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RT @VSivankuttyCPIM: Children must be taught the difference between “Good Touch” and “Bad Touch” both at their homes and schools. The st…
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