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RT @RealMattCouch: Half the country is so ate up with ignorance they're willing to vote for a guy who can't talk or walk...
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RT @omarsuleiman504: Murdered in broad daylight. By those who are supposed to protect us. With cameras and witnesses everywhere. I can’t…
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RT @_igwilo: Nobody is busier than a person who is not interested in you.
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RT @ZandiFinca: You guys can’t deny that on this app, there are some people who actively look for problems in people’s opinions so…
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RT @OGICEY: Who let Donald Trump on Snapchat bro LMFAOOOOOO
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@BobbyRo76503269 @snitchery EVERYTHING in your advocacy is in favor of the fetus and completely disregards the woma…
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RT @lionel_anderson: Comfortable, gentle, thoughtful arrest. Of someone who'd, moments before, SLAUGHTERED Black people as they prayed.…
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Oh cause I thought a bitch who nigga said he single said sum bout Jayda
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@Cernovich I didn't and don't care who she votes for. She's a miserable person period.
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RT @Mangan150: People who think you need to be doing drugs to gain muscle and lose fat in middle age just have low standards. The…
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RT @DavidPepper: In more party switching news... In Butler County, 2,109 previous Republicans pulled a Democratic primary ballot co…
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RT @GovMikeHuckabee: Dems want @realDonaldTrump tax returns-a friend sent this: "We don't need to see tax return of billionaire who bec…
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RT @DrOlufunmilayo: So who can have PoTS? PoTS can affect everyone. But it is commonest in ladies 15-50 years old. Many people only h…
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no but it’s true we shouldn’t be toiling to communicate with someone who wants to communicate with us, yh wow
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RT @sza: I’m annoying but it’s like .. who isn’t
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RT @jnewsombot: Think of your woman, who’s gone to the west. But I’m starving and freezing in my measly old bed! Then I’ll crawl ac…
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“Who’s the king who’s the boss”
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RT @YaHateTwoSeeIt: Calling white women who be on that bullshit “Karen” does not hit at all. Cracka Bitch....however gets the job done.
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RT @JoeBiden: So much of this could have been prevented if we had a president who listened to someone other than himself.
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