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RT @OfficialwandsH: Well done @jimmaycock for spotting the old ground of Tiptree Utd, where @OfficialWands won 2-1 in the FA Vase in 19…
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RT @sentibrwngirl: deleting my dating apps bc I wanna meet someone the old fashioned way (meeting at a ball where he makes a bad impre…
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RT @artistjen: where is jennie
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Tsitsipas is so bad at sportmanship. He always does this thing where he circles the mark knowing that it's in, but he says it's out.
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Where is the woman so I can order the coffee !
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RT @jxda_: i want u men to quit asking where i live. im not telling u. idk u niggas. might find me and next thing i know im waking up in africa.
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RT @Rasmussen_Poll: 2020 Election Integrity: Michigan - Court Supervised Forensic Audit - New Ballot Tampering & Printing Abnormality E…
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RT @jacobeking: Where are the sissies and ponks???
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RT @blairscyne: Only you matter Only you make sense It doesn't matter what the world say It's only you I live for. In the world the…
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where do they sell that break out phone case?
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RT @cooliestillcool: I don’t argue. I simply say what’s on my mind. After that is between you & hell Cus that’s where u can go
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RT @BTStranslation_: SEOKJIN MUSTER CHAT ROOM 🐹 Seokjinnie is in the waiting room 🐹 I saw comment say "don't push" where on earth are y…
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Chilling... You know where !!!
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RT @chingcheongfun: If you’re still at that stage where you masih malas nak pakai sunscreen, masih minta suggestions on cleansers, takt…
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@AnthonyKnill2 @thehill Only when needed. Where's the line?
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RT @vj_soni: When in doubt... He helps me out ❤️ Sushant Singh Rajput...where loving and learning never stops.…
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Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!
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RT @heyIarissa: biblee stans: LEE SUNGKYUNG WHERE ARE YOU PLS BREATHE WE MISS YOU SO BAD NEW DRAMA WHEN??????? biblee: wassup 😄 *eats her cereals happily*
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RT @davenewworld_2: A 9-year-old in Texas was shot in the chest by his own father during a road rage incident. Houston police are sayin…
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⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❝ Shh! Do you imagine how many police officers are after my ass now❕❓❞ ⠀ This was a rare momen…
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