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RT @304verse: 🐿: ah this is hard.. 🐰: so what?? what??!! 🐿: something i’m thankful to soobin hyung for… in this album, soobin hy…
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RT @304verse: 🐿: ah this is hard.. 🐰: so what?? what??!! 🐿: something i’m thankful to soobin hyung for… in this album, soobin hy…
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@MollyJongFast It’s outrageous, but it’s not a surprise. When McConnell won the Senate in ‘14, he blocked the overw…
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RT @moonchildminaa: peaches and cream, so are we finally getting bst's ballad version or what?
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Cinaed: If you reply to this thread, I will gruns you! Brooklyn: OK, what does that mean? Is it a good thing? Cin…
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RT @misoyim90: Fan: Very handsome ka Papii. It's 2 days already, keep fighting Off: What is very handsome, huh?
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@theRueMxrgue ....... You sent /what/-- S T A R E S .
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RT @nabiiblue: ☑ what's your choice ❔🎨 #SEVENTEEN  #세븐틴  #Your_Choice #Ready_to_love  @pledis_17
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@honkalaura that’s great what are you up to
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RT @CBS_Herridge: #HavanaSyndrome There are no public images of the alleged device that has injured US personnel. @CBSNews has learne…
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RT @parthivpandey21: 👉What's the relation between Rhea and KWAN?? 👉Why tai lied about Claustophobia?? @ips_nupurprasad #Insaaf4SSR SUSHANT JUSTICE MATTERS
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RT @WIRED: Who is the best dancer in @JYPETWICE? What is the #TWICE fanchant? Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dah…
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@Iightstew elibarra has the flavour that basigani lacks im sorry but what’s better than angsty pining death trope
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RT @Josephers15: This what the “What’s the move?” at 4am person does when they’re forced to go home.
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You know what I'm going to say it. The Flash movie is probably going to be very good, I like Andy's style and I thi…
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@hafskiold9 @_JJames27 @GrumpnFrump @DERhondaJanes1 These narratives originated there at least in that form. Things…
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What’s y’all goals for this week? I’m really trying to get this community development proposal & mural pitch done before Wednesday
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RT @undisputed: "It's not about Kyrie or James Harden, this is about the best player in the NBA. If KD is what everyone says he is,…
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@SendtwtBucky just…I pushed her. I watched her fall and land on the ground and there wasn’t an ounce of remorse in…
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What's up friends something is going on in latoken exchange and this is the right time to join OKSTICKETS is giving…
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