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RT @breadspilt: Inosuke: are you okay? Tanjirou: *tears running down his face* yeah it's just these onions Inosuke, to onions: wh…
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RT @KirtikaCee: Ok INSANE traffic from SV road bandra - khar. Not moving. Like what’s going on??
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RT @MoeedNj: Butcher of Gujarat, Pure Face of terror & Hitler's Evil reincarnation pointing fingers everywhere? & what about tho…
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My shrink: “What’s with all the intimacy issues, dude?” Me: “Could have something to do with all the terrible and…
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@UN @realDonaldTrump should have to know what's happening right now on Earth. Just feels like stupid.
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RT @UnderlordsPro: Here is what’s changing for season 3... UPL is officially moving to Saturday’s at 1pm EDT, starting this Saturday.…
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RT @thesoulfularts: You need to understand that life isn’t what you’re given; it’s what you create, what you overcome, and what you ach…
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RT @alfuckuhard: *During a job interview* Interviewer: What's your name? Me: Hired Interviewer: You're Hired? Me: thank you Int…
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RT @jmartNYT: @npfandos @maggieNYT @repdinatitus What's giving House Dems some more confidence about impeachment? They're hearin…
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RT @lzldjem: siS if he can’t make you laugh then what’s the point????
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RT @apowerfulbird: fly me to the moon let me kick it's fucking ass let me show it what i learned in my moon jujitsu class
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@ChibsRSR what’s the time table on jimmy
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RT @_PalesaLetlape: 3 weeks ago was Uyinene 2 weeks back was Natasha Today it’s Sne, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEN IN THIS COUNTRY ????!!?
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RT @misayeon: At the start of 21:29, Mina sings: “How do I convey these overflowing feelings? I might be a bit clumsy Listen to w…
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RT @sopharush: God, Thank you for a fresh new start. May I be intentional with listening to your voice & discerning what’s from y…
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@itsabbaishaq @Abdvl_lawal Oga sir nothing like scam here ,he promised to put his child in public school and he did…
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@timkephart33 Miami is rebuilding what's the Jets problem it's Adam gase and his bad calls and they have no for whi…
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RT @thelovelyMC: Health is not just about what you’re eating. It’s also about what you’re thinking & saying🌿
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@ramsayshonge @MutowaTamara Ps- you earn your second chances! They are not handed on a platter. You talk of Germany…
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RT @Westcoastlyss_: It’s all fun & games until the whole family speaks Spanish & you don’t know what they are saying thanks mom lmfao
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