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It’s wild seeing how other people calculate and realizing how weird it is.
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@CryptoSwede2 It’s gaming. I am not looking for sex while I am playing a game. He was looking for sex. You are weir…
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@HazelKLarkin That’s just plain weird. Anything to do with kids to be treated like a military operation is so off b…
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RT @nnecole_: Not everything needs to be recorded or posted on social media, it’s getting weird
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RT @GrandWhish: When you are left alone with that weird friend Retweets and retweets appreciated
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RT @ImaniDH: Even if you think your own way of thinking is harmless there’s nothing wrong with questioning it. Wanting a girl fi…
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Is it weird that I only want you to use me tonight? ❤️ 🥳 #VideoCasarecci #RealSexTeeny
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As a non-American many things about the US presidential election seem weird to me. One of them is how supporters ("…
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@spartytalkback @ryantjansen Comes in handy at concerts and sporting events. I reckon I'd look pretty weird if I pu…
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RT @sean_boogiee: Our relationship is our relationship. Don’t let your friends put weird shit in your head cause that’ll be the downf…
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RT @pyeonjeon: 근데 여태까지 이만희 근황 보도하는 언론이 하나도 없는거 보니 이만희가 죽었던가 한국 언론이 죽었던가 둘중에 하나는 확실히 죽었군 아님 둘 다 뒈졌거나
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RT @christop_hall: Taken this morning; another of the weird and wonderful trees at Roystone Rocks in the south Peak, seemingly growing…
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@plunpyplunpy that was meant to be an air dry appreciation post and not a weird hair related humble brag . we stan laziness
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RT @sheonIys: am i weird for just eating ice?
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Baby Isabela entered the world ready to take it over! 💪
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RT @defsthrone: if you don’t stan got7 then you don’t know what ahgases had to do to get got7 some us promo when they were touring.…
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RT @mmaher70: @Shazzyrm True From Brighton and Hove Here we hug and kiss everyone One so called superspreader, two GPs and weird no more cases
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RT @Fact: Repeating a common word over and over until it loses all meaning and sounds weird is called semantic satiation.
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RT @sosadtoday: self-confidence seems so weird
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