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RT @StayyatHomeSon: People keep asking me if I regret getting the J&J vaccine last week? Oh, you mean the ✨limited edition✨?? Noooo
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#PersianKittens #6weeks #AdorableKittens Adorable 6 week old kittens!
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RT @MHMaheshFC: 1st week Top5 Gross At Mamatha theatre Karimnagar 1. #SLN - ₹22,96,272/- 2. #Maharshi - ₹19,99,939/- 3.…
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RT @arunteja_pspk: Devuni Prema Karuna Ashistulu Neeku Andaga Untaiii ❤️ One Week Lo Negative Ani Good News Vintam 🙏 Love U Annaya L…
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RT @lenirobredo: Most of the OVP staff involved in our operations have been working day and night since the Holy Week to make this a…
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@geekgirldiva Our boy Wriggly, who we got when a cousin moved and couldn't take him, hid under a bed for a week whe…
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So it’s a week of Vitamin C, D, and Gin are on the menu until at least next Wednesday.
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RT @itadakimajun: Oh no, it’s yamada x games next week. We probably gonna see bad mouth yamada again :))
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RT @mmpadellan: Dammit, America. Can we just go ONE WEEK without mass shootings and cops killing unarmed people of color? This shit is disgraceful.
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RT @GoingGreenPicks: $HTSC, GoingGreenPicks “Pick for next week.” They have the most important part of the EV battery, Nickel Sulphide.…
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RT @RNFayeMdrd: Musta naman po ang whole week niyo??? #RURUOnTNG TAGISAN NG GALING @Rurumadrid8 @RurunaticsOFC
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Just got an 80 on a MATH test I didn’t study at all for even tho she gave us like a week to study. Yuhhhh that’s wh…
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@brianschatz Story hasn’t happened yet (supposed to originally happen tomorrow), but get to see my parents next wee…
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RT @normanspIan: // police brutality , racism since no one on the tl is talking about this yet, adam toledo a 13 year old boy was s…
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@briaryre oooh family WELL HAVE A GOOD TIME it's supposed to be rainy all week but 😔 if you don't like the heat tha…
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RT @TrendsDhoni: Most Popular Player in the 1st Week. 🔥 @MSDhoni | #IPL2021 | #WhistlePodu
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RT @WalshFreedom: Our government told us this week that during the 2016 Campaign, the Trump team met secretly with a Russian agent, g…
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RT @Apheliio: I'm back from my midterm week(s) but at what cost -- #chaeya #kaeluc #chiluc
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I've decided to jump off the deep end and log tasks/bugs in Jira for Misery. This screen will be really busy here i…
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