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'As the Scandinavians say – and probably your mother, too – there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes…
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RT @Local4Garrett: SPC outlooks have upgraded our chances for severe weather from a level 1 to a level 2 of 5. Make sure to be weather…
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RT @taeteland: [V’s excited face] I love this weather!
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RT @BagalueSunab: First ever #StateofClimate in #Africa report Details of #climatechange trends, extreme weather and impacts in ke…
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What's the deal with me feeling groggy half the day mayn??? Must be the weather 😩
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I’ve been under the weather hence no activity here. Sorry! When I start feeling normal I’ll post every day again. T…
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Good morning! Current condition is Fair and the temperature is 66. Have a great day. #ETX #Weather
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Weather in Washington, DC at 08:36 AM is 34.65F
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so happy it's jumper weather again 🤗
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BREAKING: The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory for parts of Maryland Thursday.
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So....Essen time, Essen weather...that's all.
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Weather-wise: A frosty start on the Palouse today, then sunny, with highs near 44. Northeast wind around 6 mph becoming light and variable.
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@ClintHWalker The weather, carp tax, football results, politics etc. Just not about kids going hungry.
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Twice as many Democrats are doing Early Voting as Republicans! TWICE! Get out and vote. (Weather could keep LATE…
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RT @barrybutler9: Three Simultaneous Lightning Strikes on the Trump Hotel Chicago at 2:14am on Thursday. #storm #chicago #ilwx #news…
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RT @breakingweather: As the seasons transition from autumn to winter, the primary storm track across Europe is forecast to shift south w…
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RT @alarm_phone: Where are they??? 2 days ago, we were alerted to a boat in distress south of #Crete, Greece. There were 180 people…
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RT @MaryTfan: Weather getting warmer each day Yay😉yes it's the little things make make one happy always believe🍂🍁🍂🍁🎃🌸☀️❤️#Fall is…
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@KMPaul4 Sir, it's a big message for both our adversaries in western and northern front. Pakistan already facing a…
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Does the young sports person in your family want to be faster on the pitch or court. Then Speed and Conditioning w…
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