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RT @thinkingbsc: okay, but kristy wearing a cap hits different
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bitch you got all these celebrities wearing your hair I KNOW FOR SURE they don’t wait up to 6 WEEKS for some damn bundles..
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yall ever get too aware that ur wearing glasses and it feels impossible for them to sit comfortably on ur nose
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HELPP people cancelled this girl for “disrespecting luxury brands” by wearing knockoffs 😭 as if most of y’all aren’…
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have u seen the state of her body, MAD, if i beat it i aint wearing a jonny, adeola wanna roll with the GEEZER, is…
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@BloodyJeager "S-shut it. And why are you wearing so little in this weather?" She threw the coat on while giving her a bit of a look.
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RT @HolocaustMuseum: Look closely at the toddler wearing the bow. At age two, Arye Ephrath hid his identity as a Jewish boy and adopted…
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RT @ZER0XBLACK: 220127 V Instagram like *Ko So Young is wearing Taehyung Boston Bag* #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt
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RT @BrandAdalia: Young student forced to sit in the corridor all day without food or drink because she's not wearing a face mask, wh…
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RT @onlyfordotae: #DOYOUNG #도영 #TAEYONG #태용 #DOTAE #도툥 Ty's wearing the ruby necklace Dy gave him 🥺🐶
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When he’s not wearing loafers >
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In Germany, wearing a fake yellow badge as an anti-vaxxer is now a criminal offense. Also comparing yourself to jew…
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RT @marchangeI: maude apatow and her cat wearing matching marine serre tops <3
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RT @MARIAHSFASHlON: Mariah Carey wearing Alaïa Spring/Summer 1992 at the Citizen Cohn Premiere in the Hamptons
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@lex_node The fud is entirely justified and having to rely on a cult of personality leader's personal assurances is…
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RT @bossbaechu: Irene has always been firm & decisive. From the masks yday to leading the crowd in singing hbd for Wan when fans we…
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You know the kids these days are wearing some absolute heat on the court this year 🔥😮‍💨 #HighSchoolBasketball…
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🐻: I think I’ll follow the river and attempt to explore the inside of the island. ...what about you, Oogami? 🐺: I’l…
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RT @ChemistCraig: You have eyes, why are you wearing glasses? ✌🏻
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NCP leader wearing a golden shirt!
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