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@GorgeousMind__ We were on Facebook and saw someone’s pops name is Bruce and our stupid asses were so tickled by we…
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RT @averagebwaystan: Watching the Realizing that “I Knew You Were Reeve Carney Trouble” video for…
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RT @DVATW: Having a chortle watching @joswinson on ITV. I love the sheer starry eyed ignorance of her plans! She is a weapons grade fantasist.
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I'm watching The Art of Self-Defense (2019) #trakt
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RT @WeedWhitesWhine: @EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump You hitched your cart to the @GOP horse in hopes the patriarchy would protect you i…
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RT @god: People, I know what you want before you pray for it. I just enjoy watching you beg for it.
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@BradleyWhitford @WestWingWeekly watching series 7 again. Still gutted for Toby. Gutted.
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RT @snowberry_Kook: Look at how Jungkook is trying not to cry while watching a movie on the plane 🥺 He can't suppress his emotions, the…
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RT @Gq_kevv: Imagine us watching Disney + and I pull out da mousekatool 🍆😬😌😌
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RT @markcublee: jisung was watching from behind during jeno's part and laughed at his gesture before proceeding to copy him right a…
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RT @NochuAMA: The cutest of all clips... Jungkook stopping himself so hard not to cry over the movie he's watching.. My boy.. you…
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RT @michelleinbklyn: I hope people watching understand that Volker, who says "The allegations against Vice President Biden are self-serv…
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After watching 6 seasons of greys anatomy, I am 500% sure I’m a qualified surgeon and relationship councillor... brilliant x
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@narceducator Much as his “sir” stories sound like the fabrications of a 6yr old, this “darling” story is of a simi…
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RT @DeborahMeaden: Are you watching the same debate.
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RT @TimFletcher1975: Just watching the debate on catch up. Johnson is just lies and repetative sound bites. Jeremy Corbyn has got him ba…
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RT @Radiodotcom: Watching the new @catsmovie trailer like...(@taylorswift13)
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@Kat48720216 @bluedgal @what_speed @atrupar I can’t stop watching because I don’t want to miss the moment he crashe…
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RT @DoxsieKatrina: @EclecticRadical Definitely. BYOB and treats. Lol I'm making brownies and strawberry cookies. I'm stoked that I can…
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