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RT @art_of_stardust: real talk i stopped the episode and cried over rey when i first watched yennefer's monologue here (i watched post-T…
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RT @BabuOfRivia: Ok soo I've watched enough Game of Thrones, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, NCIS, and Blues Clues to Confidently te…
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Watched #TigerKing on #Netflix the memes finally make sense, the world is right again... I’m mean other than this pandemic 😳
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RT @DisneyPlusUK: 🐶➕🛋 = 😍 So who’s already watched #LadyAndTheTramp with their pup? And who’s currently on their sofa? Stream the…
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@fms_ponytail Just wondering you asking if Nathan and Haley's marriage was illegal? Have you never watched One Tree…
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@MENnewsdesk Watched her interview on BBC...👏👏👏
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RT @stevet_140: Just watched Trudeau's daily standup show. What public theatre this is turning into. It is perfectly staged, he i…
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RT @zhashx: just watched a video about how you only blow air out of one nostril at a time & your body kinda just randomly switc…
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RT @sanjeevsanyal: This is not good....... Japan and Korea are witnessing a second wave. So, their initial success may prove untenable…
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RT @Dame_MEC: If you haven’t watched this video of how people die from COVID 19, it’s worth a watch.
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Man, you must’ve not watched the series all the way through lol
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Finally watched Captain Marvel. Fury really lost his eye from a cat scratch?
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@JoelMCurzon @YouTube @TBesserwisser introduced me to it last week and I've watched quite a few episodes of it. Great channel.
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RT @ava: Just watched:  SELF-MADE Now watching: SALT FAT ACID HEAT Next up: UNCORKED I nominate @lenawaithe
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RT @zei_squirrel: just watched the film Dark Waters and read the article it was based on (, and basically we'…
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i found sth to do!!!! i forgot i havent watched some run bts behind eps lol
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yeah so this was definitely the most anxiety-inducing movie i’ve ever watched
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RT @Asadraz79160852: Thank u so much to all ppl who subbed & watched my new utube vid & Spl thanks to…
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@notthat_average you watched it 11 times
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RT @NikToTheFullest: Just watched The Office where Michael G Scott Lefted 😭😭😭 #Sadat
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