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RT @davidmakali1: Looking forward to President Uhuru @StateHouseKenya lifting the curfew and dropping all the covid restrictions on g…
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RT @curryspcworld: Win a Samsung Ecobubble 8kg washing machine 💸 Packed full of the latest tech this machine is better for your bill…
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@F____Honourable Lol nah omo ( washing powder) I dey see o 🤣🤣
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The Gooseberry and Washing Machine
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RT @BossMatriach: ..... The accommodation comes with daiy housekeeping, fully kitted braai area, Boma area, heated pool, stunning hos…
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Oh no I fell asleep in the washing machine again! I have to go in the dryer
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@washing_51u3 わかる
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RT @ColletteWalsh: Anyone else itching to do a BIG spring clean & declutter ?! I LOVE March and it’s fresh, positive spring energy 🌼💫…
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@r3dash A washing machine has some sort of aperture, so of course Sandeep will manage easily. You give him a table…
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RT @DrTomFrieden: Getting vaccinated keeps you safe from Covid. Wearing masks, watching our distance, and washing our hands keeps tho…
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@HullKamaniaBro @ladylake_19 I throw them in the washing machine like normal people.
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RT @davidmakali1: Looking forward to President Uhuru @StateHouseKenya lifting the curfew and dropping all the covid restrictions on g…
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Seems that the 🪂 #Carpetbagger collaboration @KeirStarmer is not washing in #Scotland either
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RT @RNickGorton: I believe this. I've still only seen 1 positive flu test, zero RSV, and zero kids with bronchiolitis or croup this…
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As it is March 1st, is it too optimistic to pit washing outside to line dry?
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RT @wrongjujutsu: megumi: hey yuuji yuuji: yes? megumi: can a person breathe inside of a washing machine while it's on yuuji: yuuji: where's gojo sensei?
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RT @benghazi_ebooks: This is definitely one result of devaluing women’s work so much, I am horrified. These people are putting fabuloso…
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@suhobunnysmile nope it means maghuhugas ng pinggan (washing the dishes) yown
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i could have sworn i was in a store just now. as in just now. the nice lady at the cashier, maskless, was handing m…
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