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STAR WARSのゴタゴタ、どうもルーカスフィルムのキャスリーン・ケネディがまとめきれてないっぽいな…
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RT @ANA_travel_info: \あなただけのANA STAR WARS™ JETを作ろう/ 🎞️『スター・ウォーズ/スカイウォーカーの夜明け』公開記念🌟 #マイスターウォーズジェット を作って応募すると、ANA STAR WARS グッズ(モデルプレーン等)が…
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RT @BrendanLorLowry: The beloved #TheCloneWars TV series is returning soon for a final season — but what if you’re new to the show and w…
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RT @olushola_shola: One of my regrets is fighting the war. Yoruba will fight and win wars without carrying a gun - Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu
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RT @pouchminhyuk: don’t drag astro into fan wars, please. we are here minding our own businesses such as, if there will be a concert…
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EA is finally making good use of their Star Wars License. Fallen Order was only the beginning.
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'Obi-Wan': la serie de 'Star Wars' para Disney+ suspende su producción indefinidamente
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RT @TwinklingTania: FWIW, Pete Buttigieg, Biden & Elizabeth Warren all tried to get on Joe Rogan’s show and he refused. They all wanted…
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RT @honkabogo: FAKE! this’ll not help you MFs, fight your wars elsewhere without involving me. You want an interview come to me.
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This means Kenobi was actually good. She needs to keep her hands off of Star Wars.
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RT @curiosidadecu: 19° curiosidade O Mestre Yoda, de Star Wars, foi projetado para se parecer com Albert Einstein.
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RT @PTIofficial: In an interview on CNBC with Hadley Gamble, PM @ImranKhanPTI highlighted the issue of Kashmir and Modi's Hindutva r…
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spent past days contemplating if i want to continue investing in star wars i'm so tired + the toxic levels have ris…
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RT @mikan_7kuna: 【交換 譲渡】 ディアヴォ Survival Wars#6 SW#6 ビック缶バッジ 譲)ホロ レオード3 通常 レオード3 ジュダ4 ユゥ2 ヨシュア1 求)モモチ or 定価(+送料) 都内手渡し 郵送可能です ホロは通…
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RT @emiliaheards: the women of star wars in pink backgrounds that’s all
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@Sh3rl0ckHolmes @SwayslandJordan TARP trillion $ Bailout, no closure of Guantanamo, expansion of drone attacks, no…
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Star Wars 1 à 6 en 4K : pas de steelbook (+ sondage) :
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RT @softbens: star wars romances be like rey/leia/padme: "i don't LIKE him! in fact, i don't have any feelings for him AT ALL!!1…
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RT @whocaresC_C: เดี๋ยววววว คชาจะจำทุกdialogueของทุกตัวละครstar warsได้เลยเหรอวะ บ้าไปแล้ววววววว คุณพระะะะ ยอมใจจจ แล้วประเด็นคือโฟ…
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Mission accomplished @Alex_Kurtzman. Star Wars fans officially love your shows. I am not sure if @startrekcbs inten…
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