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RT @gatewaypundit: "We're on Your Side!" - Young Social Justice Warriors Wave in Solidarity at Leftist Protesters in Street - Get Wind…
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@IwunduGoated KD on Giannis. Two warriors legends 💯
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RT @fred_guttenberg: What happened to all of the 2A warriors who argued with me after Jaime was murdered that we need the 2A to protect…
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@Elizabe50102697 They're effeminate social justice warriors who worship godless humanitarianism instead of God.
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RT @WIONews: #Gravitas | China's wolf-warriors seem to be delighted in watching the unrest unfold in the United States. @palkisu
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RT @phonedthisin: @JYSexton I was a fundie and this plan, to inject the holy warriors into office etc, was well spoken of during Reag…
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RT @trforceprincess: (game; hyrule warriors (switch version))
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RT @chedetofficial: CORONAVIRUS 1. The great powers of the world have spent trillions of dollars to develop sophisticated weapons wit…
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@DanTwomey69 @nyknicks History is written by the winners (successful warriors) not the losers (knicks). I am not ki…
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RT @WARRIORS0216: 廣島WARRIORSです🤟 今回の #企画 はメンバー内の絆は本物なのか!?😳😳 #ゴムパッチン を口に加えお互い離れて #恐怖心 に打ち勝ち10秒間耐えれるかという企画です🤪🤪👍 🎥…
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RT @neverforgetNoah: Dejen de acosar a viria por dios que les molesta si dibuja smut o no, no lo miren y ya esta. Me molesta porque enci…
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RT @ninjaperuano: Lo triste es que más de la mitad de mis contactos que subieron el cuadrito negro son personas que nunca jamás en su…
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RT @shinshubw: 🏔選手契約(新規)のお知らせ🏔 この度、#信州ブレイブウォリアーズ では #山本エドワード 選手とB.LEAGUE 2020-21シーズンにおける選手契約(新規)が決定しましたことをご報告致します。 コメントはこちら ➡…
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RT @heeyEMMM: It breaks my heart and angers me how many people I personally know and am seeing on my TL that have lived through s…
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RT @td19561: I don’t have a big following and I’m pretty invisible, but could a few warriors agree with me in prayer tonite. The…
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RT @mssanjanam: “Do we not risk our lives too? Are our lives not important?” ask ASHA workers, from @AIIndia:
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Honestly most ppl don’t play these warriors games properly and it really irritate me don’t be no type of combos 😪
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RT @codeofvets: Pray for our nation this evening prayer warriors.
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It’s crazy how some people are using these times to become tough social media warriors 😑
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RT @trforceprincess: (game; hyrule warriors (switch version))
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