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RT @ShaniqueF_: Hard pill to swallow...sometimes the person you want, does not deserve you.
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RT @nerdjpg: when i donate my body to science they will be like wow. i do not want this.
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RT @purplechanyeol: SHOP OPENING GIVEAWAY PH ONLY 🇵🇭 4 WINNERS of @CamlinPrints products 💚 ✅Follow me and @CamlinPrints ✅RT and Lik…
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RT @ForzaJuveEN: According to the reports, Real Madrid joined Juventus and Manchester City in the race to sign Manuel Locatelli. Sas…
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RT @AagKaDevta: WE WANT DON3 @FarOutAkhtar bsdk... Retirement lel le mc
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RT @HeadBerry: My friend died last night from covid. She was in her early 50s, no preexisting conditions and was a fit and active…
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RT @HyeSeung_BLight: "We Want Democracy" Message created with the map of Myanmar in Nay Pyi Taw,Leway Township! What a beautiful & incre…
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I am not vibing with today does anyone want to swap vibes
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I don’t want someone I want connection
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RT @ThinnThiriSan2: At Feb 28 Pakokku, this man was shot by real gun on his thigh. And police shot face to face on his stomach. When he…
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You can’t have anything you want just because you want it... You have to work for it...
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RT @RubinaTheWinner: I really want @TheRahulMahajan to now tweet something and clear this thing out. STOP BEING JEALOUS OF RUBINA
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RT @ErinBrockovich: Trump got the vaccine but didn't want you to know. He didn't want you to believe it was safe. His persona is more…
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As long as you fall in love, you will never give up This is what I want to do to Fluke That's what I do to you #UPDATETODAYxFLUKE
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wtt (want to trade) have : woozi semicolon peace want : mingyu/jeonghan/scoups semicolon tags seventeen scoups j…
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what does jimin want from me
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RT @waltshaub: The biggest threat to America isn’t China, Russia or COVID-19, it’s the racists who want to stop other Americans from voting!
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RT @omolaraoriye: I just want to beg our politicians and government officials, don't treat this like you did the palliatives! You do…
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@thumboo_ I want to do this after seeing those pokemon plushies on SAT 😂
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RT @missjanekha: 🐣: I'll look for the fans until they get bored, of me 💙: but son I'll NEVER get bored of you rather i want to see…
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