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I'm also lowkey waiting to announce something that's been on my bucket list since I was 6 years old. I can quit mak…
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@marsupial @SEPTA_BSL Good morning Kristin. Where are you waiting? ^SH
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RT @_britt_el: A safety plan to leave your abuser: 1. Identify a trusted individual who can hold a duffle bag for you. 2. Ask a…
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RT @Iowkeymood: girls waiting for you to shoot your shot after they liked one photo
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RT @tammytabby: Migrants waiting at US border to claim asylum state thy have no $s for food, etc. So how did thy rent these cars t…
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RT @KarlousM: What time the president going to jail? I’m tired of waiting.
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RT @KarlousM: What time the president going to jail? I’m tired of waiting.
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RT @thedriversarah: Will: you kept Mr. Holland waiting Jaden: I was so nervous I’m sweating Tom: you look great OKAY JADEN SMITH FREA…
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@Deanpress Waiting for details announcement by poloneix on this.
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This is what I am waiting for! Congrats #satukanrasa.
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RT @karenamyatt: @HoodlumRIP Birther Green Jacket needs to keep her shame to herself and deal with her own family dirty laundry. Th…
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Hey! Learn with us. Today we want to show you a blog post by Kyle Wood where he talks about "Waiting for the Golden…
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RT @tinyseokjinnie: bangtan: hopping bc of the freezing weather waiting for Jimin to come out 🐹: Ah Hurry up!! (*inaudible ranting soun…
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comming soon‼️just waiting on my partner😭😘
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RT @jaenumb: mnet waiting for the hype to die down to upload got7's performance
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RT @cha3wona: its hard waiting for a statement everyday and at the same time having no sightings of the girls for one whole month…
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Waiting for my room to warm up so I can go to sleep 😂
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RT @BBATPZ: There are 2 @ZackSnyder films out there waiting to be indulged....TWO! “Check your road & the nature of your battl…
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RT @SuriyaFConline: Very Much Happy to have you Back @ThalaAjith_FC nanba ❤💐 !! Congrats For the Come Back From SURIYA Fans !! Eagerly…
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RT @nsitharamanoffc: Waiting for the next budget is by itself a delay which we didn’t want. Considering the environment that is prevaili…
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