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napapagod ako paglalaro ng volleyball pero patuloy pa den ang sa paglalaro
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ano ba yan crush edi sana ginawan kita ng animation na naglalaro ng ano. . ng volleyball 🤧
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RT @kitakitsunes: unlike daichi, kita isn't that type of person who runs forward with his team. he's more content as a spectator, wat…
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RT @killugod: thinking about iwaizumi (24) professional volleyball player with an undercut
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RT @enami112: Joshiiii looking so excited just like a tiny baby playing foot volleyball with his winnie l'ourson blue pajama pant…
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RT @kitakitsunes: atsumu literally breathed and osamu decided it warranted a volleyball to his twin's head. amazing
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RT @sparkleASTRO: next week, we will see Eunwoo as a volleyball player, so here's Cha Eunwoo as Kageyama; a thread @offclASTRO
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🍴🏐 | FOOD VOLLEY ⠀ 💬 "Ho proposto questo piatto perché mi ricorda le domeniche di festa a casa dei nonni, in campag…
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サのBoxFreshです。何でも質問してね!皆も使ってね! 送ってみて〜☺️☺️ | BoxFresh #Boxfresh
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fun fact when i was trying to read haikyuu in two days without any sleep and when i fall asleep i saw hinata in my…
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Nakapag volleyball din ❤
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gusto ko na magplay ng volleyball
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You may not be a perfect volleyball player, but you have to work to be perfect 😎✌️ 🔻 Comment 🔻 Melanie Parra 👱‍♀️🤲🏐…
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RT @hadassahmoffee: Wish I was a gymnast. But alas, I just play volleyball, badminton and I workout 😎
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RT @haikaiya: “right now, this very moment— this is still volleyball. concentrate on what you need to do to win.” / “i learned fr…
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RT @TeamBeaJho: Nakakamiss manuod ng volleyball! 🥺 So here’s an @AlyssaValdez2 doing some running attack! Grabe lang ung form!!! 😱
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RT @hadassahmoffee: Wish I was a gymnast. But alas, I just play volleyball, badminton and I workout 😎
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what if... nct dream... play... volleyball... haha jk... unless???
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ahahaha nooooo don’t quit volleyball your stats are sooo sexy ahaha ❤️ BUT THE FACT that his stats are so high but…
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