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SAM YOU VILE FUCK 🤮🤮🤮🤮 #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia
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Urgh. #Sam and #Ines bloody deserve each other. Vile. #MarriedAtFirstSightAus
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Is there really any doubt Republicans are highly proficient at recruiting some of the most vile loathsome depraved fuckers on the planet?🤔
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i tried some new greens and they’re celery based and they’re literally the most vile thing i’ve ever tasted. i’m go…
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RT @ConanSalaryman: Conan's heavy fist cracked the polished surface of the meeting room table. "How is it that I," he roared, "a barbar…
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@somesayparsley Weaponising antisemitism led to distorted and repulsive lies that a Corbyn government would result…
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#sam is #gaslighting and it’s extremely painful to watch. Just admit you’re not into her, it doesn’t matter! Vile!…
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RT @tysonmanker: President Biden was criticized in the @nytimes for wearing a watch that, as it turns out, belonged to his late son…
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RT @RayBake: Of all the vile things @IAGovernor has done, this bill designed to destroy Iowa's public school system is by far, t…
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now why did my teacher just say she wont round a 89 to a 90..... so sick and vile
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RT @cristo_radio: Brilliant to see the vile yet hilarious responses to my i/view with @ShaunBaileyUK last week from... you guessed it…
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RT @tysonmanker: President Biden was criticized in the @nytimes for wearing a watch that, as it turns out, belonged to his late son…
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Vile. Cunt. #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia
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RT @MissLolaLasagne: Absolutely no difference about #TheSun some 30+ years on. Homophobic then. Homophobic now. Vile rag 😡
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RT @Br_eal: Tarehe salasini tunaandaliwa karamu kubwa tukiwa tumetulia tu. Ni nyinyi wenyewe mnajiweka msalaba mkizidi kutuambia vile katasmell.
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@hannibollockz @0Z0NEE @N17ewan If you don't have mental health issues then not cleaning your teeth is vile
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@ERonnoh @CisNyakundi Haha Mimi ni Biggest Terrorist Uliza Siz wako Vile nilibomb Nyap Yake iko in a bad state bro
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RT @TDen2020: McConnell attempts vile last-minute power grab
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RT @paul_driff: @GMB @theresecoffey @piersmorgan @susannareid100 In the last 10 years malnutrition rates in our elderly has TREBLED…
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@Bren4Bassetlaw Appalled and absolutely disgusted at this vile vaccination queue jumping...
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