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RT @ChrisKelleyMN: .@IlhanMNNo. What would have saved lives is if #CaptainCrozier had not let healthy sailors & highly trained Naval a…
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@j4539w @JordanUhl @JoeBiden A family friend who flew back and lived there a year for less and didn't bankrupt his…
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Why is Viet Nam coping so well with the coronavirus? | World Economic Forum
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RT @GolicAndWingo: “We lost 58,000 people in Vietnam over 9 years. This virus is going to take more people in a matter of weeks than t…
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@VivianS4Trump Not only that, the fact that he let his sailors disembark in vietnam recently was irresponsible, tha…
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RT @HyltonRobin: China sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel, officials say, in the first instance of "a Chinese ship [hitting and sinkin…
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RT @MakiTmakiaz: @SECNAV @USNavy @USMC Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Tge American people don't have confidence in an "ac…
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RT @Patrick_Topping: Lovely Day in Vietnam! 🇻🇳 This was my last track at 6.30am closing a stage at Epizode 🇻🇳
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@DeadlineWH Until rich white kids were dying in Vietnam nothing was done. Now that Republican States citizens are d…
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@sleepyhaley @WichmannDK @HuXijin_GT Vietnam isnt a demcoracy 😂😂😂
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@DionysusCeline failed bank robbery, aboriginal australian genocide, your dumb husband keeps flying his plane, the vietnam war,
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RT @DLoesch: One of the two leading lawmakers on this is Richard Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam.
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@meralee727 Not the Vietnam War!
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@JoeChiiip Dans l ocean des saloperies européistes, et compte tenu de la dette de la France envers le vietnam, impr…
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RT @raylab14: #KushnerIsAnIdiot Jared should be charged for war crimes for endangering American lives, history should reflect Jar…
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RT @BTSPublicity: Top 10 countries where @BTS_twt received most YouTube views for the Month March: 1. Indonesia: 55.7M🥇 2. United St…
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RT @KaganSuer: @wolfblitzer @CNNSitRoom Vietnam has Zero deaths related to Coronavirus. Their secrets are just revealed: - They d…
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RT @PJM_data: "Filter" — Spotify: #32 Vietnam (-1) #95 Malaysia (-3) #155 Thailand (-2) #161 Indonesia (-10) #179 Singapore (+3)…
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RT @DLoesch: One of the two leading lawmakers on this is Richard Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam.
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