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RT @drdavidsamadi: Betsy DeVos is absolutely right. Schools should reopen in the fall. We cannot live in hiding of this virus foreve…
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Tava mexendo no guarda roupa e tem tantas roupinhas maravilhosas sem usar, vírus do capeta
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@MorningLiveSABC @SakinaKamwendo @LeanneManas they should listen to people who see this things SADTU and just shut…
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@nytimes Well, the President did say he thought the virus would just go away. Voila! Now it can, problem solved, four more years. 🤢
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@thebradfordfile I hope not! I pray schools don't start back. That's what they'll use. Only it won't be a virus tha…
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RT @RedWingGrips: Florida hospitals and clinics did not make mistakes and errors. They made calculated decisions to distort the cas…
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RT @ampizzzle: Unemployment needs to be extended for those who are still not working because of this virus. Essential workers need…
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@nancycato1 Yes. At the moment. The virus does seem to be a moving feast, however.☹️
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RT @IleMantegazza: Taria pa que sea enero estar en Colón sin virus choto y alto vinito
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@scasey79 @BNODesk If you have the virus and do not have symptoms, it continues to transmit
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RT @NYGovCuomo: The White House doesn’t get it. Until we control this virus as a nation, the economy can’t fully recover. Where is the national plan?
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And this is in China, which has managed the virus! 👇 "A UBS survey estimates that, while 92 per cent of responden…
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Q: Why did the computer go to the doctor? A: It had a virus! 😂 #ClearTheList is helping educators from all over.…
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@Kourdou9 @Valky_29 @daystrict @monsterhunter "Obnoxious" and "fun" is very subjective. I personally wouldnt call a…
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RT @Imamofpeace: Now tell us about China’s detention of 1-2 Million innocent Muslims, its organ harvesting, its exportation of virus…
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hey everyone this virus is air born. if one kid in the class room gets infected he will infect everyone just by tal…
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RT @thorhn2: Ya estoy cansado del maldito virus, y del maldito ladrón.
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RT @TeamTrump: President @realDonaldTrump: “Make no mistake, we hold China fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashi…
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We're broken America... our hearts our dreams our democracy are all broken as death casts a pall over everything we…
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RT @lovelyti: Texas millennial dies after attending ‘COVID party’ thinking virus was a ‘hoax’
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