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@JaneFallon My childhood bedroom had weird acoustic tiles on one wall (😳 not sure what the room was originally used…
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@SHM_Colorado I've used chopstix to move the gravy away from my cauliflower cheese😳😂
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@Shottanneshiji So climate change will be used to reduce compensation paid out 😳
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No like what phone did user busanbros used to capture this 😳
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@mevrouw_bee Really? I think there are youth/student working VISAs for US Americans for some countries-- but it's n…
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i used a picture of my own hands for this one, so those are not pomu hands but mine 😳😳😳😳
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@weeabob 🤔 In the words of Sir Conan Doyle "Sherlock ejaculated" 😳 Also those fonts they used for Liberty 🙃 how di…
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@Cryptobacca @DrLooter @HexStinna This is #hex ,it’s new cycle. RH even said it’s behaving like others. 3 months i…
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@Ignatiuscriley @TG22110 My husband goes through the trash and if he spots anything he asks me abt it. He used to t…
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RT @ReachROCKIN: More👉 “Hemp was used for rope, twine, and cloth. Sailing ships were loaded with hemp. The word "canvas" is derived…
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@pbasilstrength As one of my assistant coaches used to say “by the end of the year we’ll be in midseason form” 😳
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@emaxerrno sounds terrible to get used scissors. 😳
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@lovetheplanetp1 @JaimeFraser @prairiecentrist You mean the Brian Tyson who gave his patients hydroxychloroquine in…
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@BZeft @MahoundParadise @CPD1617Scanner LMAO OOPS my bad! 😳 Im used to saying That it’s East to get to the city f…
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@patriottakes He looks like some of the girls I went to school with back in the 80's that used baby oil and betadine mixture to tan. 🧐😳🙄
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@GBNEWS Allegedly Sniffer dogs are to be used to crack down on drugs in Parliament after cocaine was discovered in…
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@UncleSnotty @StellaStar711 I can't disagree but in almost 40 years I've never used one😳. We all have our tried and…
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Seriously? People (a term used in the loosest possible tense) actually think this? 😳
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RT @mytholora: madame ping: ah.. i see the way you look at the nice hu tao girl. shes a wild one yanfei: 😳 madame ping: i used to…
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RT @GammaReigh: I just saw a picture of the Santa set at the mall I used to manage and oh my stars it is HORRIFIC. I'm so embarra…
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