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Our baby blue uniforms look mf cleeeaaannn
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Perth workers lay down uniforms on steps at Parliament as mandates set to begin via @EthanTOTT
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RT @johnedwinmason: America has seen this before. These jokers look comical. But so did the KKK, in their goofy uniforms — until the bu…
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RT @Larsen_ESPN: Looks like it’ll be Ohio State and Utah in the Rose Bowl They should both wear these uniforms for my enjoyment
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RT @ArtofRhues: It's been a long week so I felt maid uniforms were needed... #HelluvaBossFanart #HazbinHotelFanart…
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@NorCalU1 @QueDawgDBA Their uniforms tonight were worth the watch.
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@Signyan1 I do not expect that, but the shields and uniforms are cringe af. I just never heard of these people ever…
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@jfslowik @r0wdy_ This is the America they want. No personal identity, just matching uniforms with knee pads.
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RT @RockyMountViews: The White Supremacists are now marching in uniforms and wearing face coverings to avoid being "outed" and reported…
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Bring they nike contract we need new uniforms
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RT @Bferguson227: Oh look. the Klan got new uniforms.
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@papagothgames @GoodReddit wearing old military gear isn't stolen valor, stolen valor is when people are legitimate…
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RT @BravinYuri: "Kama mnapenda wenye wako na Uniforms, basi nunulieni bibi zenu Uniforms." Never moved on past this statement.
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@AndreaMcCarren Uniforms? Shields? Baseball Catchers gear? Upside down American Flag? 2021? All the same shade…
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@vpetenguyen @LetAmyTry Our enemies do not falter before digital watches in dress uniforms.
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RT @johnedwinmason: America has seen this before. These jokers look comical. But so did the KKK, in their goofy uniforms — until the bu…
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Hey, I hear the Patriot Front is hiring and they have cool uniforms and stuff
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RT @ballard_lynne: @SherylLewellen Who is paying for this group’s activities, transportation, uniforms, materials, etc.? We need to f…
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RT @Frenchresister: @richieSF2016 @MrAndyNgo If everyone in their restaurant is being robbed and they call police I hope the cops say s…
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RT @ulxma: Flogging kids for coming late to sch, for asking questions, for not getting answers right, for not seeing the board…
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