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Now I’ve finished, correction; this may be the funniest, most touching unflinchingly honest book I’ve ever read.…
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...and yet there persist those few brave holdouts among speculators who remain unflinchingly bullish
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RT @ajssol: Frida Mom | Ad depicting unflinchingly realistic postpartum recovery REJECTED by the #Oscars | Let’s help…
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A shadowy figure sinks since a screwdriver. The screwdriver, harshly sad, playfully drinks. a shadowy figure unflinchingly bops.
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@goebert83 @regdinetaufela @Robert0Guiscard Absolutely. These ‘people’ are psychopaths, and that they can unflinchi…
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While the rest of us jump as someone sneezes on the Tube or we view anyone with a sniffle with suspicion, let’s spa…
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@alexkotch Thankfully her polices and rhetoric and behavior remain unflinchingly progressive, as promised.
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Just read #SaintX, a debut novel by @AlexisSchaitkin. It’s raw & original, with a multiracial cast unflinchingly im…
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@xio_network 1. XIO Network is already positioned as a decentralized crowdsourcing and crowdfunding of high quality…
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Just saw Spotify recommended a playlist called sad indie so it has joined co-star in being one of several apps that…
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RT @ggreenwald: This is such an important tweet because it demonstrates that Bernie and the Sanders campaign understand exactly who…
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RT @UmeshKu61426671: @Jayashree_Ravis @fayedsouza @Javedakhtarjadu They get united unflinchingly we apply ifs and buts. And they call us andh bhakts. Jehadis.
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@dogunderwater "an unflinchingly honest meditation on his own racism," oh god, oh no
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@Jayashree_Ravis @fayedsouza @Javedakhtarjadu They get united unflinchingly we apply ifs and buts. And they call us andh bhakts. Jehadis.
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@trxmpetnxises Stares directly into Marshmallow's eyes while she unflinchingly takes a whole ass bite out of a bana…
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@FarawayMaris He's the enforcer/second in command for our longtime-enemy-turned-"it's complicated" Absa. He's a l…
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#Wow!! #Thappad शानदार फिल्म है... @anubhavsinha और @taapsee का शानदार प्रदर्शन... @SubhashK_Jha ने #IWMBuzz के लिए…
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The chaos is thundering but move with stealth unflinchingly towards your unquestioned #destination #vss365 #poetry #BraveWrite
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In other news, a study finds that many scholars are unflinchingly stupid.
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@theskindoctor13 @HMOIndia You can't ask for spur of the moment instantaneous reaction...especially by the administ…
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