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RT @marlboroblow: Imagine having someone who understands your mind
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I'm so glad my boyfriend understands my mental health and doesn't hold it against me 🥰💕
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RT @realNDWalsch: Remember this: the soul creates, the mind reacts. The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive.
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RT @S386Vs: For a noble cause, let's start using the hashtag #USTraitorSenMikeLee so that @SenMikeLee understands what people a…
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RT @Sirkastiq: Exhibit 2528292628 why you need an MC that recognizes/understands/respects intimate moments. Smh.
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@MSNBC @HardballChris He understands she knew nothing that could impeach him. Why was she there?
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RT @jacobinmag: Bernie understands that the obstacles in achieving Medicare for All are primarily political, not technocratic, and…
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I hate when he understands me wrong 😞
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RT @levy_mattson: I don’t think the government understands how appealing a week of jail time in exchange for student loan relief is t…
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RT @emadragaab: But refuses to have her kindness taken for weakness, her outspokenness intimidates the weak as she's to be with onl…
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RT @ImNotABarbiie: When you burn his house down but he understands ❤️
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RT @mcu_man: This show again understands Marvel Comics at its core. Say what you will about Spectacular being the best Spider-Ma…
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RT @BernieSanders: My friend @MMFlint understands: the American people overwhelmingly support our agenda and that is how we're going t…
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RT @kissyseulgi: jensoo are literally soulmates, and i dont mean romantically, they were meant to meet eachother and become friends,…
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RT @Jwwoo_: seeing wonwoo trying so much to fill in someone's presence.... he probably knows and understands the feeling so muc…
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RT @nowell_ben: @star1179 @Odd_Longfellow @sam_vinograd Also this little tidbit recently tells you a ton about what Trump understan…
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I can't find someone who understands my nature 🧐
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RT @annehelen: This is such a good point — I've also found it's very difficult to find a financial advisor who understands that yo…
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comforting to know that someone out there understands. You can listen to the music, read the lyrics, and just let g…
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