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@FCaron9 @TheRickWilson Well, I understand how you feel about that and it's a valid point. I've voted both R and D…
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@bigfatboot @DemocratsUp @WSJopinion @DonaldJTrumpJr See this is what I don't understand vs evidence on Trump for R…
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@CinthyaMoningka Sorry but I couldn't understand what you say :"(
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RT @JTSxxi: Lol.. Whatever I feel is going to taste good at that moment, gets thrown in the cart. So i understand.
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RT @Dimmaumeh: See, this is the one that me I don’t understand. Please leave health workers alone! Please I’m begging, leave them…
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RT @annie_etc_: If you want to understand My #EndSARS tweets, read this piece I wrote for @AJEnglish. As it went up, the military o…
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man I don’t think people understand how easy it is to give yourself an “L” on here
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@BearBertthe Thank you. He was a rescue and very special. I completely understand how lost you feel without Bert. M…
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@jjudas21 they be just saying anything even i don't understand what's going on
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@tiktok_us I still don’t understand how this got so popular??
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RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I submit my mind, heart and my will over to You. Help me to see clearly what Your plan is for me…
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@lm31356 @SenRonJohnson @JoeBiden Thats bullshit why the hell cant people use their own mind to figure things out?…
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RT @Yangwon25: "At dawn, the sun rises to menace and bless our freshly selves" Get ready ENGENES for deep sentences like this tha…
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Who is it that he spoke the parables to??? And He said, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the ki…
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RT @yinyinwu: 4/ I went through @YCombinator 3x, raised millions in funding, and only after selling my startup to MSFT did I actu…
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RT @HoodSocialism: A lot of the reluctance to address what's happening to people in Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon, etc is because a lot of…
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RT @Soylent_Lament: These men hoot in a strange tongue. You cannot understand them. They gesture with excitement towards the sign. They…
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@EdsPurgatory I just don’t understand where he going with all these actions. Help OLORD, help.
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why do y’all drive with a mask and gloves on ? help me understand?😂
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