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RT @RichardBSpencer: Unconscious Cinema LIVE: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
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@Rogers unfair Rogers until this situation of Covid19 still charging a costumers for fee for late payment is really…
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@John_Kavanagh Awesome post, Coach. Gotta respect a man who respects his Dog.. (and who could likely choke me unconscious, of course 😆)
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Suspected kidney stone as a (hopefully) one-off some years ago. They say the pain is extremely similar to having be…
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Last night I dreamt I was in Vienna, everything was pastel blue and I got run over by the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck…
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"I’m a firm believer in the power of art to slice its way into our collective unconscious and compel us to see the…
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RT @addamschloe: some people are being rude about Boris Johnson, who is currently unconscious. his party and his Government have ki…
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RT @obsecurities: You are what you eat You are what you see You are what you smell You are what you hear You are what you feel Every…
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Because I was being injected with a drug to render me unconscious (without my knowledge) doesn't mean you can climb…
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David Fry : I accuse you of attacking my husband and tying him up in litigation by lawyers representing the Attorne…
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RT @RexHuppke: Just face-palmed myself unconscious.
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RT @RexHuppke: Just face-palmed myself unconscious.
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Doctors leaving Mahri alone with Kozmotis, who is in quarantine, coming back to find she has somehow gotten inside…
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Unconscious/unresponsive person: 400 block N Leeds
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RT @RexHuppke: Just face-palmed myself unconscious.
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@rach72675 I guess because he was unconscious?
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If TV has taught me anything it’s that if a crowd of people are chanting my name I’ve been knocked unconscious .:.
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RT @da13thsun: So what you ate chitlins or bacon. So what you ate crab legs. So what you got tattoos. All of this was in your UNC…
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Tell them the benzo will not help and it could kill. It will mix with the next opioid that enters your/their body a…
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