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RT @lcvly_jiin: Teja acting like typical wife Teja : "Peechle kuch dinon mein maine kaisa Kiya according to you ?" Karan: "Tune b…
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Today in #CTE: Career training program includes "21st century skills"
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RT @katzebruh: reupload cause in typical fashion i forgot smth so ye unhinged!hunter #TheOwlHouse #toh #hunter…
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RT @ThreatNotation: Describe the audience at a typical opera
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RT @sonicmega: Millennial life is being incapable of actually enjoying a single tangible boon in your life, because it is immediat…
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the joke is the sun literally wasn't in virgo when zendaya was born but yes rue is a typical virgo
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See, the implicit message here is that because these tests are inaccurate, typical babies are also getting aborted.…
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@KateShefte Thank you. Keep up the hard work. Honestly I have grown weary of the typical Av's media. A fresh take is the the best.
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RT @DAYUNITEDSTATES: New York governor gets fact-checked after blaming 'a shot from an illegal gun' for murder of NYPD officer - TheBlaz…
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RT @CalibreObscura: An older image of an LMA fighter in #Latakia, with typical AK-74M status weapon. Interesting kit setup.
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@ValleyReporter Typical Monday
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@ttkrishnan @eradityasingla @GeneralBakshi These are typical attempts of urban naxals when they lose arguments 🤣
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RT @uk_domain_names: Typical Express Brexit gaslighting... The EU is desperate to make a deal, except that they actually have us over a…
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@ScottyHayter Bloody typical. Media hate Chelsea, all Liverpool and Manchester fans. There is defo no impartiality in refs, var or media.
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RT @DiMartinoBooth: LITERALLY my favorite comedy scene of all time. Might we play it in reverse tomorrow if it’s a typical Turnaround T…
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RT @Wamagaisa: Our government lacks self-respect. Here it is allowing the Chinese to post an arrogant, self-indulgent, hubristic a…
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@RollingStone My problem with wireless earbuds is their typical controls. Far too many functions to remember or tap…
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@CrackingJoints @dznyella I legitimately didn't know this was a real fetish. I thought this was typical dani incoherence posting
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RT @OwensForGeorgia: FYI- The inability for non-citizens to vote is already in our existing Constitution and already codified in state l…
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@_HenryBolton @GregJ1966 Typical Russia.. They're always pissing about..
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